Adobe Lightroom is the cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device.

It is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS (Apple TV).

Its primary uses include importing/saving, viewing, organizing, tagging, editing, and sharing large numbers of digital images.

Lightroom’s editing functions include white balance, tone, presence, tone curve, HSL, color grading, detail, lens corrections, and calibration manipulation, as well as transformation, spot removal, red-eye correction, graduated filters, radial filters, and adjustment brushing.

Lightroom sports a refreshing, clean interface.it starts simple and then reveals increasingly complex tools as you need them.

The interface now has four buttons along the left rail: A plus sign for adding photos, Home, My Photos, and Sharing.

The Home screen shows new tutorials along with a row of the thumbnails of your photos. You’ll spend the most time in My Photos, where you select and edit images.

You can switch that to a contact-sheet view and sort by import date, capture date, or modified date. With this radical rethinking of Lightroom, Adobe ditches the modes of its predecessor: Library, Develop, and the rest.

Aside from the rows of your synced photos, the interface is notably sparse. Organization and adjustment tools are hidden behind box and control slider icons at the left and right edges, respectively.

The organization panel and adjustment panel don’t show at the same time: By default, when you open one, the other closes.

Thankfully, you can change this behavior in Preferences by switching the panels from Automatic to Manual.

As for touch input, Lightroom is adequate: You can easily use its buttons and controls via touch, and you can tap or unpins a photo to zoom in to the last level.

Lightroom Classic (as well as Photoshop) features a full touch mode for tablets and touch-screen PCs such as the Surface Book.

Lightroom includes a boatload of help and tutorial content. Click the question mark at the top right to get started.

There is animated visual help on all the individual adjustments, along with wizards that use sample images from noted photographers to show exactly how they edit an image.

it even shows their adjustment slider settings. The help is context-sensitive: For an outdoor portrait, it aptly proposes the tutorial called Enhance Natural Light Portraits by Improving Contrast and Color.

I welcome having this kind of thing built right into the app. By contrast, all of Lightroom Classic’s help is web-based.

Editing Tools

  • Light (Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Curve).
  • Color (Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation, HSL mixer with the color pick).
  • Effects (Texture, Clarity, Dehaze, Vignette, Grain, Split Toning without color pick).
  • Detail (Sharpening + options, Noise Reduction + options, Color Noise Reduction + options)
  • Optics (Chromatic Aberration + Defringe options, Lens Corrections, Geometry).

You can crop and rotate your images with the crop tool. This tool allows you to set specific aspect ratios, but you can’t put in custom ratios.

The well-known local adjustments (radial, gradual, and brush) are also available, as well as the healing and cloning tools.

The Calibration menu is missing, but you can choose and import profiles. By default, Adobe’s own standardized colour profiles are selected.

If you have a supported camera (basically any DSLR, mirrorless, and advanced point-and-shoot model on the market), you can also choose a camera-matching profile. This is the same as if you’d choose the profile in the camera.

A powerful feature that Lightroom versions offer is preset. You can make your own or import presets (like any of ours).

This can speed up your editing process. Lightroom’s dominant place on the editing software market ensures that there are thousands of presets and preset packs available, free or paid.

In the Photography Plan, there is 20GB of cloud storage included, as well as access to Photoshop. For an additional $10/month, you get 1TB of storage, which will be plenty if you filter your images properly.


  • Simple, clear interface
  • Automatically syncs photos to cloud storage
  • Powerful raw profiles and filters
  • Panorama and HDR stitching


  • Expensive
  • Limited sharing
  • Can’t choose which photos to sync
  • No local printing
  • No plug-in supports

Adobe Photoshop 2021 Free Download

Adobe Photoshop 2021 Free Download


Download Now


1. Add Motion to Static Images

Transform your favorite shots into moving photos in one click. Powered by Adobe Sensei, this feature turns your photos into fun animated GIFs with 2D and 3D camera motion, adding an extra dimension to your images. To put your ideas into motion, check out the top video trends of 2020.

2. Get Creative

Photoshop Elements 2021 includes plenty of arty and crafty features. You can add motivational quotes or personalized messages to your pics with pre-set templates, as well as tones of customization and cool animation options. You can also turn part of a picture into a sketch by adding an illustrated sketch effect to your favorite photo. Brush on the look of your choice, including pencil, colored pencil, old paper and old photo. Or give any photo a little something extra by brushing on a fun pattern—like hearts or stars. To take your creativity to the next level, try out these Photoshop templates and Photoshop textures from Envato Elements.

3. Perfect your Landscapes

Adobe’s newest features allow you to easily replace skies, remove haze and erase unwanted objects to create amazing outdoor scenes. This easy Guided Edit enables you to create the perfect adventure photo every time.

If your background is a little underwhelming, you can also replace backgrounds in seconds by selecting the subject of a photo and placing it on a different background to level up your pic.

4. Create Modern Duotones

Duotone is one of this year’s biggest color trends. And this simple guided edit makes it super easy to apply cool, customized duotone effects to your photos for a beautiful two-tone creation. It allows you to choose from customized sizes, add a gradient and more. You can even create cool double exposure shots by turning two photos into one work of art with this captivating double exposure effect.

5. Automatically Colorize Photos

This automatic colorization feature enables you to give new life to your black-and-white photos. You can change up the colours in your pics with automatic colorization, add a pop of colour to black and white pics, highlight a single colour or a specific object, and turn the rest black-and-white for a dramatic effect.

6. Adjust Facial Features

This handy feature allows you to get the perfect shot every time by automatically adjusting facial features. It can open closed eyes, turn frowns upside down and more! The fine-tune face tilt feature also helps you to make sure everyone in your photo is looking in the right direction by automatically adjusting the position of a person’s face.

7. Combine Multiple Shots into One

Get the best possible exposure, remove distracting elements, create great group shots and panoramas and more by merging your photos. Put the focus on your subject and remove distractions such power lines and pedestrians. You can even move, scale and duplicate objects to change their position, size and more.

8. Effortless Organization

This super handy feature enables you to clean up the clutter automatically. Go from hundreds of mystery folders scattered across your computer to a visual view of your photos sorted by date, subject, people and places. Plus, your catalogue structure is automatically backed up for easy recovery—so you can work worry-free.


I hope the above explanation is enough for everyone who would like to upgrade the version of their Adobe photoshop to the latest one of 2021. Me suggest everyone should upgrade to new version released in order to get more added up features


Because I’m going to explain what a VPS is the types of VPS you can choose from the advantages of choosing a VPS and I’ll explain five ways to know if a VPS is right for you does that sound like a plan come on let’s get cracking 

Hi I’m Nurdin founder of the web hosting company that helps businesses get online get found get more customers I’ve worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes and we provide VPS services to hundreds of UK businesses. 

So what is a VPS to answer that let’s look at the extremes of web hosting the most basic form is shared hosting and here you get one physical server and you get different customers that use the same server so they’re sharing the king resourcesat the server things like CPU ram and disk space this is the energy level of hosting its low cost and effective. 

But it is restricted to because there’s a low level of customization basically it’s a one size fits all type of hosting at the other end of the scale is dedicated server hosting. 

Here one single customer gets an entire server to themselves so no sharing here that server is 100% reserved for one customer there’s a high degree of customization and this is a powerful solution. 

but it comes at a cost dedicated servers are not cheap another drawback is that they can only run one operating system whether that’s align experience or windows but in recent years hybrid. 

approach has appeared which balances the advantage of shared hosting with dedicated hosting and offers several distinct advantages we’re talking of course about virtual private servers or VPS the way they work is that a physical server is separated into several virtual machines or VPS as their commonly known each VPS operates completely independently of each other so they can run their own operating system and center applications. 

this is allowed the power of dedicated hosting to become much more cost effective for web professionals and businesses this way they can start small and gradually build up as they need
more resource is BPS typically come in two main configurations single server VPS or cloud VPS with a single server VPS as its name suggests a number of VPS can be hosted on one physical server whereas with a cloud VPS that hosted across several physical servers. 

which make up a local cloud let’s look at them in turn the single server VPS is a lower cost option because you only need one physical server to host multiple VPS.Where the main drawbacks is that this isn’t such a scalable solution because you are limited to the actual physical constraints of one server such as CPU ram or disk space. 

also while she can build redundancy in to improve uptime things like having disks in a raid configuration this type of setup does not allow the high availability basically you’re putting all your eggs in one basket here another option is a cloud VPS configuration and this is the type of VPS that we offer pick a web this way many dedicated servers are pooled together to form hardware cloud 

VPS can be stored across several physical servers so this way there’s no single point of failure the beauty of this approach is that even in the unlikely event that there is a complete hardware failure on one of the servers the VPS will continue working because the data is stored on other servers and the failed server can be repaired and entered back into the hardware cloud. 

overall VPS have got a number of distinct advantages over dedicated servers instant deployment with a VPS there’s no waiting your VPS can be deployed in minutes not hours low cost of entry a VPS cost a few quid a month not hundreds of pounds a month like a dedicated server can cost effective you pay for what you use so there’s no wasted overhead flexibility upgrade or downgrade to your exact requirement instantly fast migrations are possible especially in a cloud VPS formation account availability can be achieved but a reasonable cost of course dedicated servers are a good option. 

if physical security is important that’s not to say the VPS aren’t secure they are it’s just that in some cases some businesses require absolute certainty that their website or their applications are not shared on a server with any other customers so if you’re not sure whether or not a VPS is the right option for you here are five ways to tell 

1. you need a more exotic operating system that is available in shared hosting.
2. you need the ability to customize your hosting setup to include non standard software all configurations.
3. if your business has peaks and troughs and you need the ability to respond quickly and add power to match demand and before if you’re looking for more control over the security of your hosting environment
4. if you need extra power for your website or applications but you’re on a lower budget
5. if you want superior hosting but you’re just on a lower budget so there you go these are the main things that you need to understand about VPS . 


VPS hosting what is it if you have same question running in your mind this is for you VPS stands for virtual private server you have to understand VPS. 

but it does give you an example that you will love imagine you have a few guests coming over and you have an ice cream tub to offer them three ways you can serve them you can’t solve a few scoops of ice cream to all of them in a single bowl or you can give each one of them an individual to both ice cream and the third scenarios where you can dig a few scoops of ice cream from the tub that you have answered in separate bowls each. 

let’s relate these scenarios with website hosting the ice cream truck is the server and I scraped as your website the first scenario can be referred to as shared hosting various site shares the server resources with other websites stick in scenario can be referred to as dedicated hosting where you can utilize the whole server for a website without sharing it with any other user and the third scenario refers to the TPS very physical server is divided into multiple servers where each one of them can be used to host website separately 

a VPS is as good as having your own server because it has a dedicated resources such as RAM and the storage you get full root access of your server you can choose the operating system as per your choice you can scale the resources of your server you get the ability to customize your server as needed all this helps in delivering the top notch performance of your website or application in a nutshell VPS hosting is ideal for those looking for their own service space and resources at economical cost 

100% Adding Pages and Menus

 Before getting started you should be familiar with how to add pages and post categories to your navigation menu

 Hi everyone today I’m going to show you how to add pages and how to add layout sessions and drop menus on your blog

 Go to the layout section of the dashboard as per below screenshot


  Click the edit button in pages  as per  by below screenshot


 Click the add external link button to add the new menu item as below screenshot

 In the option that pops up you can enter a page title and web address as per below screenshot 

 The   Page title is there text which will be displayed for the menu items , The web address is the URL or link which the menu items will link to when clicked

if you would like the menu item to be a drop menu you can add an_to the front of the page title text

our example above we would change the text style to_style like shown below

 This tells you template to display this menu item under the menu which comes to Before it  In the list

for example in the pages that gad gets below we have set up some menus items and some drop down items too

 this tells the template to create the following menu items

  • home
  • About
  •  catego ries
  •  Fashion
  •  Music
  •  Lifestyle

 And this would create the following menus on your blog as per below screenshot


 In conclusion

I hope you have understand and how to add Vegas and menu or your globe if any question please comment below I’ll be there to answer your questions and I would like to thank everyone who is supporting my blog and supporting my wakandan content which I have posted thank you everyone

100% Remove Ads Limits

Remove Ads limit, this is where by once you have violate google Ads policy and they have notice that you have violated their policy you will have a message pop up on Google AdSense Dashboard Policy center .


There is where you will find the reason why you have been limit on Access Ads on your website, Due to several reasons

An Example: Invalid Traffic , Clicking on your own Ads , Sending Bad Traffics to your website and Creating Bots clicking on your website Ad’s .


Why Google limits Ad’s on your website?

Google limits Ads on your website since it is affection their CPM due to amounts will raise on your dashboard while you have use bad traffic to get paid ,

While this is prohibited to their policies as publisher your are not supposed to do such kind of staffs like Sending Bad traffics to your website .

How do you Prevent Ad’s Limit on you Website with Google AdSense.

Here is what you should do in order to prevent Ads Limit on your website , Since it will stop showing Ads on you website then you need to be very careful all the time.

when you’re sending traffics to your website including where you are getting traffics from ,

Facebook Ad’s or any other unknown sources. Avoid clicking on your websites Ad’s this will make you be a victim of fraud since you are clicking In order to increase CPM.


What should you Once you have this problem of Ad’s Limit or Google AdSense limits

First, thing you need to do is start by knowing what cause your website to have Ad’s limits

Second, try to go to your Google AdSense Dashboard on policy center you will find what was violated.

Third, after knowing the violation try to avoid it, if it’s bad traffics then stop it right away.

Fourth, get all the Ad’s Code removed from your website since the Bots are crawling the bad traffics.

Fifth, Wait for almost one week, then visit you Google AdSense Dashboard will be okay with no Ad’s Limit message on policy center since you have removed the Ad’s Code there is no connection.



After doing all the above Five steps then now once you have confirm there is no any Ad’s Limits on your Google AdSense Dash board.

 Here is where the technical issues has to be followed by best solution we have manage to remove your website from Google Ad’s Bots.

in which means there is no connection between you Google Ad’s account and your website,

Then you should wait for almost one week again to make sure that you do not incur any other issues ,

Once the second week has finish then you are now supposed to add  auto Code for ad’s on your website without adding any other unit Ad’s code .


Only Auto Code Ad’s unit. This will help you get you ad’s back on your website but never visit you website after you have place these new auto code. Wait again after three days then check your website.

100% Create Custom Apps to Accelerate your Business Growth

Create Custom Apps to Accelerate your Business Growth mobile app development companies in California, mobile application development companies California, mobile app development company California.

The city of California is known for movies but one more thing for which city attracts people is it has produced the best developers in the world.

mobile apps

Several mobile app development companies in California are working quite efficiently.

Before we head to the best mobile application development companies California, let’s discuss what is the requirement to have a mobile app for a business?

There has been a sudden increase in dependency on mobile apps for every possible task such as shopping, ordering food, communicating with people, etc.

For a business, a mobile app can be of great help as user- friendly apps will help them to reach the number of customers and get maximize ROI. Thus to achieve sales and to increase digital visibility the business whether a startup or well established one needs to hire one of the premium mobile app development company California. 

The team of experts and experienced professionals of the best Mobile App Development Companies in California will provide a high-quality user experience which helps in more customer database and in building customer loyalty.

mobile apps

How to select the best web development company in California?

In this era of stiff competition, choosing the best mobile app development company in California would be one hectic task. But experts have given the following points which may help you to give the project to the best one in the business.  

Check the Company’s Portfolio

Clients feedback

checking the company’s performance in the most challenging platform and pressurized situations.

Why Choose us?

B2C Info solutions focus on developing eye-catchy and user-friendly applications. We handle the tech that you don’t have to.

we work on the technicalities very carefully such as API Integration, Cloud Server Experience,

Easy content management solutions and building software as a service. With the backup of 50+ highly experienced developers and technologists,

we craft the best mobile applications providing support to your business and helping to achieve the organizational objectives.

With almost over 7 years of industry experience in mobile app development, we ensure work as per the requirement of the clients and providing the result-driven digital solutions. 

mobile apps

Our wide range of services

We are an award-winning top app development company in the USA offering quality end to end engineering solutions.

We have a team of expert professionals each of them having at least five years of experience with them. Our range of services include:

Customer-centric mobile app development- We follow a 

consultative driven approach to deliver timely customer-centric mobile apps and other mobility solutions.

Web designing and development-  We create outstanding web-based solutions for the businesses from the backend to everything in between.

Digital marketing- Our strong team helps in online marketing, reputation management services and advertising.

SAP Consulting- We are professionals in connecting SAP with third party applications like sugar CRMBusiness Management Articles, Magneto and custom software.

100% How To Be A GTA 6 Tester?

Must Read This If you are gamer Curious to know about GTA 6 released? if yes then here we have covered a few leaks about it. make sure to read this if you are a gamer


is being talked about by the city right now and as we await the official news from the release date, players are wondering if an internal beta test is underway.


Maybe players are already playing alpha or beta for GTA 6?

This is what we know. When will GTA 6 beta be available?

There are currently no official demos, beta, or alpha available for anyone.This is because the game has not been announced, which means that the players are internal developers.

Taking into consideration that the announcement is unlikely to happen soon if the beta continues, we hope it will not continue into 2021.

How To Become a GTA 6 Beta Tester?

Without an idea, if there is a beta, it’s hard to say.

The most likely option is that Rockstar Games advertises job positions for its in-game playtesters.


Franklin Asks Fans To Wait

Shawn Fonteno aka Franklin spoke to fans of GTA 6 and asked players to be patient.

Many GTA fanatics complained about the lack of information about the new title and called Rockstar for GTA “the milk”.

Shawn explains that GTA 5 took 4 years to capture and complete, which means it’s not an easy task to get the job done, especially if the game is set to develop further.


Jorge Consejo’s CV seems to suggest that Rockstar is completing the move and maybe a storyline in 2018; before Dan Houser left.

Rockstar Support Tweet

A tweet from Twitter user forzahorizonguy asked Rockstar if they had any news about GTA 6.

Here is what they will say:



A new Rockstar project is slated for summer 2020, many predict it will be GTA 6Free Articles, thanks to American hip hop group City Morgue.

City Morgue teased with their Instagram story that they will be partnering with Rockstar Games on an anonymous project for summer 2020.

I hope the above information has helped you , know what should you do in order to get to be a GTA V tester as a gamer

100% Choose a Good WordPress Theme in 2021

WordPress is the biggest platform used for building websites with more than 75 million users worldwide.

Even though all the websites are built from the same core code, they might not have anything in common.

And this thanks to the large variety of WordPress themes which has full control of the appearance of the site.


In other words, your theme is representative of your brand.

So it’s crucial to choose a theme the would reflect your website ideas and goals.

To, start with you can choose even a free theme, which some of these are really good and have even customer support.

But even here the choice isn’t easy. Because there are thousands of free themes on the web, and this might turn into a real challenge.

A WordPress theme is made from three parts: the core code, the theme, and the plugins.

If you decide to go for a good free WordPress theme it should be enough to create a good website with all the basic features.

The theme is responsible for all customization options and the plugins control the site appearance and specialized functions.

The personalized combination of these different elements makes your website unique.

Since every WordPress site needs a theme to work properly, these are essentials.

The theme customization usually provides a large variety of options to let you build it accounting for your brand.

Also, there are some themes that will give you specific customization options according to your niches, such as fitness, travel, photography, and more.


Themes usually can be installed with one click from your admin dashboard or can be uploaded manually.

From your dashboard, you can access a large library of free and premium themes, customizing your search by name, or other specific features.

To install a theme directly from your admin dashboard, go to the Theme Directory, just select the theme, and click Install.

After the theme has been installed activate the theme by clicking Activate.

The same things are for the themes downloaded elsewhere, after you upload the theme to your dashboard follow the same instructions.

Choosing a good and free WordPress theme for your site depends on your website vision your developing knowledge and your previous experiences with building websites.

It’s important to have a clear idea of all the features that your site will need. It would be recommendable to choose a theme that has some pre-made templates built in it, it’s SEO-Friendly and responsive to other devices.

Some of the most popular WordPress Premium themes offer a smaller free version of themselves.

You can try one of these free options and upgrade to another time if you think you need even the extra features.

Another thing that is recommendable to take into consideration when choosing a theme is to support the most popular plugins.

Sooner or later you are going to need some of these.

Many themes come with some pre-installed plugins. Make sure that your theme is compatible with the most used plugins for securityFree Web Content, or content management.


I hope the above information can help you get a better theme for you website and make you article look good with the theme you have decide to install on your word press , Thank you All for your support .

100% Increase blog traffic

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic, you have to know your baseline or starting point.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting more readers to a blog is a consistent challenge for many bloggers.

However, it doesn’t have to be harder and just as time-consuming as writing the content itself.

As long as you focus on the reader you’ll get more traffic in no time at all.

Make sure your website is fast and easy to use, and write top-notch content that’s your readers will be interested in and keen to share.

That’s how you increase traffic to your blog.

The only way to do that is with data.

If you don’t already have Google Analytics or Google’s Search Console set up, that is the first thing you should too.

You should also get connected to Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

These tools will give you insights as to how much traffic you’re getting and where it’s coming from.

You’ll also see how long people spend reading your blog posts.

Increase blog traffic

Know Your Audience

Another way to get more traffic to your blog is to research topics your audience is interested in.

You can do that by researching questions posted on Reddit and Quora to get ideas.

For example, if your blogging about personal development, you might find that a common theme is that people are looking for ways to be more productive.

  • You can then write out content ideas based on productivity.
  • You can also take that a step further and get content and keyword ideas from this keyword research tool.
  • You can also look at Buzzsumo to see the headlines of the most viral articles to see what people are sharing.
  • This will help you get content ideas that your readers are interested in and make them SEO friendly and shareable.

Write Guest Posts

Did you come across sites in your research that welcome guest posts?

Maybe you saw a site that shared the same target audience as yours, or there was a thought leader’s site in your industry that welcomed posts.

This is an excellent opportunity to expose your work to more people and get valuable backlinks to your site. 

If you get an opportunity to write for the right website, you can even get paid to blog.

Just be sure that the sites are more popular than yours. Otherwise, you won’t get the traffic or backlink benefits.

Expand Your Audience

One way to increase blog traffic is to expand your audience. You can do that by making your blog friendly to international audiences.

Let’s say you have a blog post on how to increase blog traffic in English. You’ve been learning enough Italian to be able to translate that to “scrivere un blog di successo.”

You’ve just opened the door to a brand new audience and an opportunity to get more blog traffic.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having t translate your entire site.

The great thing about WordPress is that there’s a plugin for everything, translation included.

Create a Great User Experience

As a blogger, you have to create an excellent user experience. That means having a site that’s easy to load, easy to use and readable across many devices.

This point is often overlooked by bloggers, but what they don’t realize is their site could be costing them traffic.

People want and expect fast websites. Up to 40% of people will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

To make matters worse, if you’re blogging for an e-commerce site, 79% of shoppers will never return if they think your website is slow.

The first thing you should do is check your site’s speed. There are a couple of tools to use to do that, from Google’s Page Speed Insights and Pingdom.

Both tools will tell you if your site is slow and what you can do to fix it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as compressing images. Other times, you might have to adjust the code.

Use Images in Your Posts

Would you like to know how to increase blog traffic with visuals?

The use of images is part of the user experience, too. When you use images, you increase the chances of the article being shared.

The images used have to be relevant to the content and add to the article, not take away from it. Infographics are a great tool to use if your content has a lot of data.

People like to read statistics, but they tend to process them visually. That’s why infographics are so powerful. Readers can quickly look at the graphic, process it, decide it’s interesting, and share it.

That, in turn, will generate more traffic to your blog.

Use Content Aggregators & Syndication

One simple way to increase traffic to your blog is to list it with content aggregators.

These are tools that other people looking for great content to share use to curate articles to post. Sites like Alltop, Feedly, and RightRelevance are popular content aggregators.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Social Media Examiner found that 81% of marketers who used social media for just 6 hours a week found that website traffic increased.

That’s just about an hour a day to increase traffic to your blog.

The one thing to note here is that you don’t have to be on every social network. You just need to be on the networks that your target audience uses.

If you have an email list, you also want to stay connected with them throughout the buyer’s journey. Most of the people who visit your website won’t be ready to buy.

You can stay top of mind by blogging and emailing your list. This gives them a reason to visit your website again and again.

With email marketing, you’re increasing traffic, and you’re nurturing prospects, which increases the likelihood they will buy.

10 Apple Watch Features

10 Reasons Why Using Apple Watch

Apple watch is the best selling smart watch since it has many feature that other smart watch are lacking including GPS and cellular mode these two features are most reliable to people who are interesting in smart watch since it help to reduce phone usage 

  • 42 , 44mm &  40 mm Size 
  • Always on Display 
  • GPS+ Cellular 
  • GPS only (sport wear
  • Blood Oxygen (Apple watch 6 )
  • High and low heart rate 
  • Siri 

Let us start one by one features of Apple Watch 

There are serval size of Apple watch including generation 1 to 6 generation , All old generation are having 38mm & 42mm Size these including Apple watch series 1 ,2 & 3 all of these series are having those size mm , then we have the new generation series of Apple watch series 6 these come with many features  including  Blood pressure and Oxygen  

Apple watch Series 1 , 2 ,3 & 4 features 

  • 38mm , 42mm and 44mm Size
  • Always On Display 
  • GPS + Cellular (some are GPS Only )
  • Sir 
  • Sport Tracking 
  • Tracking sleeping Time 
  • Heart rate  Measures 
  • Music 
  • Water resistant 10meters
  • Unlock your Mac book 
  • E.T.C 

Apple watch series 6 & 5 

  • 42mm ,40mm & 44mm Size
  • Sport fitness tracking
  • Water resistants 50 meters
  • Tracking sleeping time 
  • Heart Rate  measure 
  • Detect hard fall down emergency 
  • Wash up (corona additional features
  • Blood pressure
  • Apple pay   
  • Siri
  • Improve sense of direction
  • Family setup
  • Music playlist 
  • Unlock your mac book 

Why do you need apple watch ?

1. Hand free with Siri 

This is more best way since you can do a lot with Siri by asking Siri to set a timer and also you can even say hey Siri “send a message “ you can even ask Siri what is the weather today and Siri would reply back to you on spot without even need to unlock your Iphone or check you Iphone Also Siri can set a reminder whenever you need to set a reminder on your Iphone all you have to do is say hey Siri “set a reminder tomorrow “ and Siri will set that using your Apple watch . 

2. Map direction 

This help more since you have set a map direction on you Iphone Apple watch will appear on display which directions should you take left or right while you Iphone is on stand by mode this help a lot if your are using maps direction . You can also access your favorite place you have saved them on map and just click for directions. Another big use of Siri you can just ask Siri directions to a certain place and Siri will open Map to start the direction . 

3. Notifications

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What is Ip address?

Is an internet protocol address which identify all devices and computers when they are connected to internet. An IP address allows computer and other devices to communicate when they are connected through internet 

There are two types of IP address 

Static Ip address

This is an IP address which does not change and it has been manually set. 

Dynamic IP Ip address

This is an IP address which is automated change whenever you’re using internet.

Easy way of accessing Your Ip address few steps:

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What is Hard Disk Drive hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using one or more rigid (“hard”) rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material.

The platters are paired with magnetic heads arranged on a moving actuator arm, which read and write data to the platter surfaces.

Data is accessed in a random access manner, meaning that individual blocks of data can be stored or retrieved in any order and not only sequentially. HDDs are a type of non-volatile memory, retaining stored data even when powered off. 

2. Introduced by IBM in 1956,

HDDs became the dominant secondary storage device for general purpose computers by the early 1960s.

Continuously improved, HDDs have maintained this position into the modern era of servers and personal computers. More than 200 companies have produced HDD units, though most current units are manufactured by Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital. As of 2015, HDD production (exabytes per year) and areal density are growing, although unit shipments are declining. 

3. The primary characteristics of an HDD

are its capacity and performance. Capacity is specified in unit prefixes corresponding to powers of 1000: a 1-terabyte (TB) drive has a capacity of 1,000 gigabytes (GB; where 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes). Typically, some of an HDD’s capacity is unavailable to the user because it is used by the file system and the computer operating system, and possibly inbuilt redundancy for error correction and recovery.

Performance is specified by the time required to move the heads to a track or cylinder (average access time) plus the time it takes for the desired sector to move under the head (average latency, which is a function of the physical rotational speed in revolutions per minute), and finally the speed at which the data is transmitted (data rate). 

The two most common form factors for modern HDDs are 3.5-inch, for desktop computers, and 2.5-inch, primarily for laptops. HDDs are connected to systems by standard interface cables such as PATA (Parallel ATA), SATA (Serial ATA), USB or SAS (Serial attached SCSI) cables. 

As of 2016, the primary competing technology for secondary storage is flash memory in the form of solid-state drives (SSDs), which have higher data transfer rates, better reliability, and significantly lower latency and access times, but HDDs remain the dominant medium for secondary storage due to advantages in price per bit.

However, SSDs are replacing HDDs where speed, power consumption and durability are more important considerations. Hybrid drive products have been available since 2007.These are a combination of HDD and SSD technology in a single device, also known by the initialism SSHD. 

Hard disk drives were introduced in 1956 as data storage for an IBM real-time transaction processing computer and were developed for use with general-purpose mainframe and minicomputers. The first IBM drive, the 350 RAMAC, was approximately the size of two refrigerators and stored five million six-bit characters (3.75 megabytes) on a stack of 50 disks

The IBM 350 RAMAC disk storage unit was superseded by the IBM 1301 disk storage unit,which consisted of 50 platters, each about 1/8-inch thick and 24 inches in diameter.

Whereas the IBM 350 used two read/write heads, pneumatically actuated and moving through two dimensions, the 1301 was one of the first disk storage units to use an array of heads, one per platter, moving as a single unit. Cylinder-mode read/write operations were supported,

while the heads flew about 250 micro-inches above the platter surface. Motion of the head array depended upon a binary adder system of hydraulic actuators which assured repeatable positioning.

The 1301 cabinet was about the size of three home refrigerators placed side by side, storing the equivalent of about 21 million eight-bit bytes. Access time was about 200 milliseconds. 

In 1962, IBM introduced the model 1311 disk drive, which was about the size of a washing machine and stored two million characters on a removable disk pack. Users could buy additional packs and interchange them as needed, much like reels of magnetic tape. Later models of removable pack drives, from IBM and others, became the norm in most computer installations and reached capacities of 300 megabytes by the early 1980s. Non-removable HDDs were called “fixed disk” drives. 

Some high-performance HDDs were manufactured with one head per track (e.g. IBM 2305) so that no time was lost physically moving the heads to a track.[20] Known as fixed-head or head-per-track disk drives they were very expensive and are no longer in production.

In 1973, IBM introduced a new type of HDD codenamed “Winchester”. Its primary distinguishing feature was that the disk heads were not withdrawn completely from the stack of disk platters when the drive was powered down. Instead, the heads were allowed to “land” on a special area of the disk surface upon spin-down, “taking off” again when the disk was later powered on.

This greatly reduced the cost of the head actuator mechanism, but precluded removing just the disks from the drive as was done with the disk packs of the day. Instead, the first models of “Winchester technology” drives featured a removable disk module,

which included both the disk pack and the head assembly, leaving the actuator motor in the drive upon removal. Later “Winchester” drives abandoned the removable media concept and returned to non-removable platters. 

Like the first removable pack drive, the first “Winchester” drives used platters 14 inches (360 mm) in diameter. A few years later, designers were exploring the possibility that physically smaller platters might offer advantages. Drives with non-removable eight-inch platters appeared, and then drives that used a 

5 1⁄4 in (130 mm) form factor (a mounting width equivalent to that used by contemporary floppy disk drives). The latter were primarily intended for the then-fledgling personal computer (PC) market. 

4. As the 1980s began,

HDDs were a rare and very expensive additional feature in PCs, but by the late 1980s their cost had been reduced to the point where they were standard on all but the cheapest computers. 

Most HDDs in the early 1980s were sold to PC end users as an external, add-on subsystem.

The subsystem was not sold under the drive manufacturer’s name but under the subsystem manufacturer’s name such as Corvus Systems and Tallgrass Technologies, or under the PC system manufacturer’s name such as the Apple ProFile.

The IBM PC/XT in 1983 included an internal 10 MB HDD, and soon thereafter internal HDDs proliferated on personal computers. 

External HDDs remained popular for much longer on the Apple Macintosh. Every Macintosh made between 1986 and 1998 had a SCSI port on the back, making external expansion simple; also, older compact Macintosh computers did not have easily accessible hard drive bays (or in the case of the Macintosh 128K, Macintosh 512K, and Macintosh Plus, any hard drive bay at all), so on those models external SCSI disks were the only reasonable option. 

The 2011 Thailand floods damaged the manufacturing plants and impacted hard disk drive cost adversely between 2011 and 2013.

Driven by ever increasing areal density since their invention, HDDs have continuously improved their characteristics; a few highlights are listed in the table above. At the same time, market application expanded from mainframe computers of the late 1950s to most mass storage applications including computers and consumer applications such as storage of entertainment content. 


5. Technology 

Magnetic cross section & frequency modulation encoded binary data Magnetic recording 

A HDD records data by magnetizing a thin film of ferromagnetic material on a disk.

Sequential changes in the direction of magnetization represent binary data bits. The data is read from the disk by detecting the transitions in magnetization.

User data is encoded using an encoding scheme, such as run-length limited encoding, which determines how the data is represented by the magnetic transitions. 

A typical HDD design consists of a spindle that holds flat circular disks, also called platters, which hold the recorded data.

The platters are made from a non-magnetic material, usually aluminum alloy, glass, or ceramic, and are coated with a shallow layer of magnetic material typically 10–20 nm in depth, with an outer layer of carbon for protection.[24][25][26] For reference, a standard piece of copy paper is 0.07–0.18 millimeters (70,000–180,000 nm).

The platters in contemporary HDDs are spun at speeds varying from 4,200 rpm in energy-efficient portable devices, to 15,000 rpm for high-performance servers.The first HDDs spun at 1,200 rpm. and, for many years, 3,600 rpm was the norm.

As of December 2013, the platters in most consumergrade HDDs spin at either 5,400 rpm or 7,200 rpm.

Information is written to and read from a platter as it rotates past devices called read-and-write heads that are positioned to operate very close to the magnetic surface, with their flying height often in the range of tens of nanometers.

The read-and-write head is used to detect and modify the magnetization of the material passing immediately under it. 

In modern drives, there is one head for each magnetic platter surface on the spindle, mounted on a common arm.

An actuator arm (or access arm) moves the heads on an arc (roughly radially) across the platters as they spin, allowing each head to access almost the entire surface of the platter as it spins. The arm is moved using a voice coil actuator or in some older designs a stepper motor.

Early hard disk drives wrote data at some constant bits per second, resulting in all tracks having the same amount of data per track but modern drives (since the 1990s) use zone bit recording—increasing the write speed from inner to outer zone and thereby storing more data per track in the outer zones. 

Longitudinal recording (standard) & perpendicular recording diagram 

In modern drives, the small size of the magnetic regions creates the danger that their magnetic state might be lost because of thermal effects, thermally induced magnetic instability which is commonly known as the “superparamagnetic limit”.

To counter this, the platters are coated with two parallel magnetic layers, separated by a 3-atom layer of the non-magnetic element ruthenium, and the two layers are magnetized in opposite orientation, thus reinforcing each other.

Another technology used to overcome thermal effects to allow greater recording densities is perpendicular recording, first shipped in 2005,and as of 2007 the technology was used in many HDDs.

In 2004, a new concept was introduced to allow further increase of the data density in magnetic recording, using recording media consisting of coupled soft and hard magnetic layers.

That so-called exchange spring media, also known as exchange coupled composite media, allows good writability due to the write-assist nature of the soft layer. However, the thermal stability is determined only by the hardest layer and not influenced by the soft layer.

6. Components 

HDD with disks and motor hub removed exposing copper colored stator coils surrounding a bearing in the center of the spindle motor.

Orange stripe along the side of the arm is thin printed-circuit cable, spindle bearing is in the center and the actuator is in the upper left A typical HDD has two electric motors; a spindle motor that spins the disks and an actuator (motor) that positions the read/write head assembly across the spinning disks.

The disk motor has an external rotor attached to the disks; the stator windings are fixed in place.

Opposite the actuator at the end of the head support arm is the read-write head; thin printed-circuit cables connect the read-write heads to amplifier electronics mounted at the pivot of the actuator. The head support arm is very light, but also stiff; in modern drives, acceleration at the head reaches 550 g

Head stack with an actuator coil on the left and read/write heads on the right 

The actuator is a permanent magnet and moving coil motor that swings the heads to the desired position.

A metal plate supports a squat neodymium-iron-boron (NIB) high-flux magnet.

Beneath this plate is the moving coil, often referred to as the voice coil by analogy to the coil in loudspeakers, which is attached to the actuator hub, and beneath that is a second NIB magnet, mounted on the bottom plate of the motor (some drives only have one magnet). 

The voice coil itself is shaped rather like an arrowhead, and made of doubly coated copper magnet wire.

The inner layer is insulation, and the outer is thermoplastic, which bonds the coil together after it is wound on a form, making it self-supporting.

The portions of the coil along the two sides of the arrowhead (which point to the actuator bearing center) interact with the magnetic field, developing a tangential force that rotates the actuator.

Current flowing radially outward along one side of the arrowhead and radially inward on the other produces the tangential force.

If the magnetic field were uniform, each side would generate opposing forces that would cancel each other out.

Therefore, the surface of the magnet is half north pole and half south pole, with the radial dividing line in the middle, causing the two sides of the coil to see opposite magnetic fields and produce forces that add instead of canceling.

Currents along the top and bottom of the coil produce radial forces that do not rotate the head. 

The HDD’s electronics control the movement of the actuator and the rotation of the disk, and perform reads and writes on demand from the disk controller.

Feedback of the drive electronics is accomplished by means of special segments of the disk dedicated to servo feedback.

These are either complete concentric circles (in the case of dedicated servo technology), or segments interspersed with real data (in the case of embedded servo technology). The servo feedback optimizes the signal to noise ratio of the GMR sensors by adjusting the voice-coil of the actuated arm.

The spinning of the disk also uses a servo motor. Modern disk firmware is capable of scheduling reads and writes efficiently on the platter surfaces and remapping sectors of the media which have failed. 

Error rates and handling Modern drives make extensive use of error correction codes (ECCs), particularly Reed–Solomon error correction.

These techniques store extra bits, determined by mathematical formulas, for each block of data; the extra bits allow many errors to be corrected invisibly.

The extra bits themselves take up space on the HDD, but allow higher recording densities to be employed without causing uncorrectable errors, resulting in much larger storage capacity.[39] For example, a typical 1 TB hard disk with 512-byte sectors provides additional capacity of about 93 GB for the ECC data

In the newest drives, as of 2009, low-density parity-check codes (LDPC) were supplanting ReedSolomon; LDPC codes enable performance close to the Shannon Limit and thus provide the highest storage density available.

Typical hard disk drives attempt to “remap” the data in a physical sector that is failing to a spare physical sector provided by the drive’s “spare sector pool” (also called “reserve pool”),

while relying on the ECC to recover stored data while the amount of errors in a bad sector is still low enough. The S.M.A.R.T (SelfMonitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) feature counts the total number of errors in the entire 

HDD fixed by ECC (although not on all hard drives as the related S.M.A.R.T attributes “Hardware ECC Recovered” and “Soft ECC Correction” are not consistently supported), and the total number of performed sector

remappings, as the occurrence of many such errors may predict an HDD failure. The “No-ID Format”, developed by IBM in the mid-1990s, contains information about which sectors are bad and where remapped sectors have been located.

Only a tiny fraction of the detected errors ends up as not correctable. For example, specification for an enterprise SAS disk (a model from 2013) estimates this fraction to be one uncorrected error in every 1016 bits, and another SAS enterprise disk from 2013 specifies similar error rates.

Another modern (as of 2013) enterprise SATA disk specifies an error rate of less than 10 non-recoverable read errors in every 1016 bits.

An enterprise disk with a Fibre Channel interface, which uses 520 byte sectors to support the Data Integrity Field standard to combat data corruption, specifies similar error rates in 2005.

The worst type of errors are those that go unnoticed, and are not even detected by the disk firmware or the host operating system.

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What is a hosting company? is a company that offer a WEB hosting or VPS hosting that allows people to store their websites at a particular period of time 

There are serval hosting companies that offer cheap hosting services of one year and monthly payments I would suggest you start with one year services which is good and cheap because you pay less for annual subscription than monthly payment which are very high compared to the annually payments .  Example of WEB HOSTING companies Www.hostgator.com



My suggestion to you should go with www.hostgator.com they are good in hosting and fair price  also www.namecheap.com are so cheap in such a way you can host you website at very cheap not more than 40$ or less than that for annually single domain host . 

Example of hosting plans features you can get while starting your website. 

  • Single Domain
  • One Click WordPress Installs
  • Free WordPress/cPanel 
  • Website Transfer
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Free Domain Included

The above you can get them at Www.hostgator.com  at Starting At $2.75/mo.* while annually its $33 for 12 months I guess this is cheap price compare with other hosting company 

Step to start creating a website. 

  • First start purchasing a Domain Name.
  • Choose the right choice of web hosting plan.
  • Choose you web platform either Word press or Joomla. 
  • Get the right web theme for your website.

Word press Platform. 

This platform offer much in web designs  you can get over a thousand themes style you want for you website just by choosing the right at www.themeforest.net there are serval types of themes depends on what type of website you are planning to create you can get them all for free and some of the advance one at a cheap price .  


Example of themes available on www.Themeforest.net

  • Magazine / blog themes.
  • Ecommerce themes.
  • Entertainment themes.
  • Business themes.
  • Corporate themes.

Examples of themes for your websites


After getting all in place now you can start by editing the themes you have downloaded them from different places make sure you choose the right one for your business or purpose  so that you can start creating your articles on spot with the theme, also you can now publish it after all changes are made . plus, if you have the hosting plan that gives you better bandwidth that is unlimited you can get more traffics.  I hope you have get what your are looking for the above articles I have written.  

How to delete temporarily file on Windows 10

Deleting temp files on your computer helps you get more space and increase the speed of your computer this will help your computer in performance since these temporarily files are making a lot of caches in your computer which make your computer slow in your daily use. 

I am going to show you how can you clean up those files with just few steps which will help you delete them permanently within just a minute. 

Here are the few steps you should take on deleting Temporarily file on windows. 

 First Step here we start now


Step one

 Click on start menu

2. Step two 

Search for ‘RUN ‘menu which will appear on your menu

3. Step Three 

After you have opened the Run Menu then next step is type this %temp% then click Run. 

4. Step Four 

Here now you will find a lot of files listed, you can now select them all by clicking CTRL + A to select them all then press Delete on the keyboard or Right click then delete. 

After following them step you may now see those delete files on you recycle bin please make sure you empty that recycle bin so that all files should be permanently Deleted.

The above process is done now you have successfully Delete all temporarily files but to make sure that all are delete you must do the below clean up

In additional also you can do disk clean-up which may help in giving you more space on your computer hard disk / Hard Drive by following the below step again to make sure that you get more space that was been used by temporarily file. Now we start by the following steps to finish up cleaning our computer with temporarily file. 

Start by click My computer or press Win + E to open your computer menu,

 after that you can now select the windows hard disk normally it’s with letter C:  Now right click on it a drop list menu with list of actions will open then click properties to see the Hard disk menu option 

Second step

You will find menu button written DISK CLEAN UP, click it now and a menu will pop up showing which files you want to do clean as you select them you will see the size of that particular file which you want to clean it up. 

Then once you have decide which particular files you wish to clean them up press clean up then the process will start cleaning the those file , it take almost few minutes depends with your computer performance but normally its does not take much time estimated less than 5 minutes. 

I hope this has help you to delete all temporarily file on your computer and your computer now will work as normal speed it should be , since all the cache file are out also try to do this frequently since it will help your computer to keep it clean and run faster .