How to delete temporarily file on Windows 10

Deleting temp files on your computer helps you get more space and increase the speed of your computer this will help your computer in performance since these temporarily files are making a lot of caches in your computer which make your computer slow in your daily use. 

I am going to show you how can you clean up those files with just few steps which will help you delete them permanently within just a minute. 

Here are the few steps you should take on deleting Temporarily file on windows. 

 First Step here we start now

Step one

 Click on start menu

2. Step two 

Search for ‘RUN ‘menu which will appear on your menu

3. Step Three 

After you have opened the Run Menu then next step is type this %temp% then click Run. 

4. Step Four 

Here now you will find a lot of files listed, you can now select them all by clicking CTRL + A to select them all then press Delete on the keyboard or Right click then delete. 

After following them step you may now see those delete files on you recycle bin please make sure you empty that recycle bin so that all files should be permanently Deleted.

The above process is done now you have successfully Delete all temporarily files but to make sure that all are delete you must do the below clean up

In additional also you can do disk clean-up which may help in giving you more space on your computer hard disk / Hard Drive by following the below step again to make sure that you get more space that was been used by temporarily file. Now we start by the following steps to finish up cleaning our computer with temporarily file. 

Start by click My computer or press Win + E to open your computer menu,

 after that you can now select the windows hard disk normally it’s with letter C:  Now right click on it a drop list menu with list of actions will open then click properties to see the Hard disk menu option 

Second step

You will find menu button written DISK CLEAN UP, click it now and a menu will pop up showing which files you want to do clean as you select them you will see the size of that particular file which you want to clean it up. 

Then once you have decide which particular files you wish to clean them up press clean up then the process will start cleaning the those file , it take almost few minutes depends with your computer performance but normally its does not take much time estimated less than 5 minutes. 

I hope this has help you to delete all temporarily file on your computer and your computer now will work as normal speed it should be , since all the cache file are out also try to do this frequently since it will help your computer to keep it clean and run faster .

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