Best way of Opening Online Store Start Drop Shipping Business in 5 minutes.

Steps to take before starting you drop shipping 

  • First you need to choose the best name of your store. 
  • Second you need to know what products types will you start selling. 
  • Third know what kind of store are you targeting in specialized one or multiple products store. 
  • Fourth get a domain name that fits with your products your selling since it’s going to be a specialized store on one product. but if you’re going to sell multiple products then you need to get a simple name which its easy for your customer to remember that name. 

After all the above steps are ready in place. 

Next step here 

  1. Get to know better on how would receive payments on your store.
  2. How can you set price on your store?
  3. How can you start adverting your store?
  4. How can you know what product is the best to sell on your store? 

In additional you should have a target on what do you want in drop shipping business although profit is the main target but we need to know what are your expectation on your store , in order to get this business working you need to know what you’re doing and what you want to do as much as you want to get profit , so then you should set goals in terms of growing the business of ecommerce you should be able to predict you success with what effort of what you are willing to do this will help you define your store and put more effort on it . 

Get to know better on how would receive payments on your store.

Getting the right payments for your store ,here is where you will be getting all your sales profit and what your will be having as a profit so meaning that this is where you have to do the best in selecting ways which will help your customer easily purchase and check out on your store and at the same time easy for you to get your profit right on time .  there are different payment platforms which are available depends on what you choose for your customer but there are the common ones which most used by different develop stores , let us start by checking the payment platform which is suitable for new stores and by time goes you can add more platform as you grow much in ecommerce business 


 This is the most reliable payment platform you can offer to your customer since it is secure and most common used by people around the world 

PayPal payment platform (merchant account) 

In order to have all your payment received in your PayPal account you must open a PayPal merchant account which allows you to get API KEY that you can map it on your website this will allow you receiving payment through but there are charges in withdrawal  you can check them out on their page / merchant account details . This payment is much Good for the new ecommerce store since drop shipping is all about trusted sites with trust payment platform. 

Strip payments 

This is the most easy way of doing online transactions meaning that your customers will put their card details on the website as swiping in order to purchase anything , although its somehow insecurity for some of the people are not willing to give their card details to unknown stores so this is good once your store is doing good in market and you have at least customers who share your store with good feedbacks this will build trust with your customer .remember SSL certificate is more important to have whenever you want people to do transaction on your Ecommerce store

All the above are the best choice you can decide but in my views I think those two are the reliable for any E-commerce store.  

Let now start with what can you do to make your store attractive with what yur selling on your store. 

There are two best option you have in E-commerce platforms for Drop Shipping

One is Shopify platform

which is managed by shopify Ecommerce Themes which means you have to pay for their services and design benefit you get is 30 days trial form shopify  platform which will allow you using custom name example : either you can purchase a domain on their own platform . 

Running a Ecommerce store on shopify it’s very easy since the platform is designed specific for Ecommerce purpose that enables you to get plugins that support Ecommerce business. 

Monthly payment for Shopify platforms is 39 $ /mo. 

Second platform for Ecommerce 

Here is where you can now start your own website with WordPress platform and adding plugins fort Ecommerce business , what you need is only domain name and hosting company that provide better service and support , so starting with word press there are unlimited themes compare with Shopify platform that has their own choice that is limited  unless you upload your theme , word press has variety of what you think is the best for your Ecommerce store you can start choose different types of Websites Themes that fits your need as Ecommerce store , With WordPress is about adding plugins that needed in any case that you require in your Ecommerce Business most of the WordPress plugins are free compare to shopify most are paid ones withing their platform 

Example of plugins that you can get for free in WordPress 

Ways of making advance in your website using plugins:

  • Ali express product plugin (this helps to grab product’s for AliExpress and shift them to your websites easily and you can also get all pictures of AliExpress products and add more different amount which is your profit on the plugin section.
  • Traffic monitoring there are some of the free trafficking plugins that will help you to know who visited. Your Ecommerce store Example -WP Visitors & jetpack which allows you to share your website post to social networks 

After looking the above plugins which will help you get all products you need then you can now start adding products on your website easy way using Ali Express plugin. 

How to get traffic on your Ecommerce Store you need to do the following below 

  • Share you store on social network 
  • Try to share with friends and family in order to build Trust to your new clients. 
  • Start a blog which you will be sending you products posts that people are willing to buy. 
  • Join other different entrepreneur’s groups which are selling products in order to start sharing your products also.


As per above summary I hope you have got some knowledge on how Ecommerce Store can be managed and how to create your own Ecommerce Store and how to add products on your store plus with plugins. hopefully I have summarized all the basic ones which will guide you on what you should do a first before you start a Ecommerce Business. Thank you all for the support and keep in touch if you have any questions or suggestion, I would like to help you out as soon as possible please check me through my email address “[email protected]” or comment so that I can reply you directly. 

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