100% free word press for life time

This has been the best platform for all bloggers and other web users and thanks to word press ecosystem for the best themes and template for website this has been helping a lot of bloggers who need a simple and clean website by using themes and free web Template

1. What is Word Press?

It’s a free open-source content management written in PHP and paired by MySQL or Maria DB (definition from Wikipedia). 

2. In normal understanding 

It’s a web platform which enables users use plugin architecture for web design while designing web page on the website hosted.


  • Word press has been developed in 27thMay 2003 by developers Matt Mullenweg, template monster and Mike little. When Matt Mullenweg and mike little created fork of b2/ cafelog. They need elegant, well architected personal publishing system was clear even then. Since word press was built in PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPLV2. It is also the platform of choice for over 39% of the sites across the web. 
  • Progressive ways over time supported by skilled, enthusiastic developers, designer, scientist, bloggers and more word press provide the opportunity for any user to create and share forms handcrafted personal anecdotes to world changing the movements. users with a limited tech experience can use it out of the box and more tech are easy and simple to use on word press platform in which enables a lot of users to create their dreams on a website for free with all plugins and other themes of websites or templates.   
  • After knowing what is word press, let us start understanding the use of word press as a web designer. A website can design in any other option ways where by a web designer can use any kind of creating web pages using Dreamweaver or xamp for creating website but there are more than 10 ways you can design your website since the technology has changed now, they’re a lot of free web platforms which provides you with the all-basic features for your website, in which there all in one place it drags and drop any one with no experience can do it. 

3. What is the Different between www.wordpress.org and www.wordpress.com ?

  • www.Wordpres.org – this is the self-hosted WordPress, is the free open-source word press software that you can install on your own web host in order to create a website that 100% your own. 
  • www.wordpress.com – this is for the profit, paid service that is powered by the WordPress org software. A simple one to use but you will need to pay for some services and you won’t have the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress

4. What can Word press do?

  • It can make you have any kind of website with all plugins that you need in order to get all the stuffs done, since there is no any end point payment you should pay in using word press but in mean time there are some plugins which helps web users to do Ecommerce business are most paid on plugins since they are for business purposes, but you can still use others which are not for sale on word press and get a better website with all plugins you need. 
  • Word press has been the best platform for all bloggers and other web users and thanks to word press ecosystem for the best themes and template for website this has been helping a lot of bloggers who need a simple and clean website by using themes and free web Template

Many users have been using word press for different business (you can start now creating on our web hosting site www.sprintwebsolutions.com its free trial for 30 days with us.

  • Blogs 
  • Business websites 
  • Portfolio’s
  • Resumes 
  • Social networks 
  • Membership sites 
  • Flirt sites 
  • Movies sites 
  • And other much more that you can create on website platform. 
100% free wordpress for life time

5. Is word press the best? 

Yes, word press has been around for many years since 27 / MAY /2003 and it has been the best platform designed ever for all web designers. This is due to the flexibility and reliable on access thousands of plugins and templates which makes easy for most of the designers to use them and create the best website ever using update plugins available on word press it has made a lot of users enjoy much in design their websites for free 

6. Is Word press Extensible?

Yes, word press is extensible if you aren’t a developer but still you can create and made changes on you site without any knowledge from a developer Thank to Eco system of word press which makes everything easy for us. 

There are two primary thing you should know. 

  • Themes – these are primary changes you can apply on how your website looks. 
  • Plugins – these are primary changes and functions on website like contact forms or create an Ecommerce store. You need to get some plugins in order to accomplish the website. 

7. Why using word press

Since , there are servals websites in the world using word press for their content in designing it makes simple to create any kind of website with free plugins its almost easy than other web platform and word press offer a lot of free plugin which you can use them for free and get a better look of you website during creating web pages and slides , I recommended each of us should start using word press and observe the free themes and other plugins available and compare them with any other web platform.

Example of company that uses WordPress

Here we are on my website I am using WordPress for free and I have hosted my website on www.sprintwebsolutions.com  imagine this is also word press websitewww.pleasebehere.com so why you cannot use word press while it has a lot of best features and reliable source of plugins.

Other famous company using word press 


White house.gov

  • A mind open here even governments website are most of them using word press platform in which it helps them get all the updated technology of plugins and other SEO which will make theirs need be satisfied Example of word press government website https://www.whitehouse.gov a trusted site of United state of American is using word press platform. 


  • We have understand what is WordPress platform and we have seen Example of websites which are in word press platform since we have all we need now it the time for you to decide when are you going to start making you dream on a word press platform , with us we can offer much than you need since we help a lot of beginners on how they can manage their sites and move to the new technologies of plugins and security wise  
  • I recommend all of my followers to use word press platform since it has been the best platform I have ever known and you can ask me any challenges your facing on word press I will be available to help you , just drop an email [email protected] or you can text through my phone number is also on what app please do not scam me since we are here to learn and get more knowledge support me and my team on our web hosting start you website with us at www.sprintwebsolutions.com  

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