10 Apple Watch Features

10 Reasons Why Using Apple Watch

Apple watch is the best selling smart watch since it has many feature that other smart watch are lacking including GPS and cellular mode these two features are most reliable to people who are interesting in smart watch since it help to reduce phone usage 

  • 42 , 44mm &  40 mm Size 
  • Always on Display 
  • GPS+ Cellular 
  • GPS only (sport wear
  • Blood Oxygen (Apple watch 6 )
  • High and low heart rate 
  • Siri 

Let us start one by one features of Apple Watch 

There are serval size of Apple watch including generation 1 to 6 generation , All old generation are having 38mm & 42mm Size these including Apple watch series 1 ,2 & 3 all of these series are having those size mm , then we have the new generation series of Apple watch series 6 these come with many features  including  Blood pressure and Oxygen  

Apple watch Series 1 , 2 ,3 & 4 features 

  • 38mm , 42mm and 44mm Size
  • Always On Display 
  • GPS + Cellular (some are GPS Only )
  • Sir 
  • Sport Tracking 
  • Tracking sleeping Time 
  • Heart rate  Measures 
  • Music 
  • Water resistant 10meters
  • Unlock your Mac book 
  • E.T.C 

Apple watch series 6 & 5 

  • 42mm ,40mm & 44mm Size
  • Sport fitness tracking
  • Water resistants 50 meters
  • Tracking sleeping time 
  • Heart Rate  measure 
  • Detect hard fall down emergency 
  • Wash up (corona additional features
  • Blood pressure
  • Apple pay   
  • Siri
  • Improve sense of direction
  • Family setup
  • Music playlist 
  • Unlock your mac book 

Why do you need apple watch ?

1. Hand free with Siri 

This is more best way since you can do a lot with Siri by asking Siri to set a timer and also you can even say hey Siri “send a message “ you can even ask Siri what is the weather today and Siri would reply back to you on spot without even need to unlock your Iphone or check you Iphone Also Siri can set a reminder whenever you need to set a reminder on your Iphone all you have to do is say hey Siri “set a reminder tomorrow “ and Siri will set that using your Apple watch . 

2. Map direction 

This help more since you have set a map direction on you Iphone Apple watch will appear on display which directions should you take left or right while you Iphone is on stand by mode this help a lot if your are using maps direction . You can also access your favorite place you have saved them on map and just click for directions. Another big use of Siri you can just ask Siri directions to a certain place and Siri will open Map to start the direction . 

3. Notifications

Apple Watch receives notification like Emails , calls and message its very easy to read message and see other notification on you hand without even unlock your Iphone this make your notification get to you on time . 

4. Calls on Apple Watch 

You can receive calls on you apple watch without having you Iphone closer to you ,since it paired with your Apple watch all you need is AirPods or you can still use the apple watch speaker and answer calls this makes apple watch useful if your busy doing  you cannot handle you Iphone all you have to do is pick up calls from you Apple Watch .

5. Calendar   

Apple watch can be use to access your Calendar and see the event you are planing to attend or even add events on your Calendar so that you do not miss out that day , This makes life easy since you can do that on spot just by say hey Siri set a an event on November . 

6. Listen Music and Podcast 

If you have AirPods or bluetooth ear phone you can listen to music or podcast on your Apple watch without your Iphone this help you get all playlist you like right way on your Apple watch 

7. Activity ,Workout and Heart Rate 

With your Apple keeps all daily activity in walking activity and stand activity it also keep tracking your heart rate  this help you to know how many measurement you gain per day and weekly. 

8. Apple Pay 

You can use apple pay on your apple watch this will be easy to pay anything you have to put you credit cards and just pay anything you need to purchase this is the best feature on smart watch world . 


Using Apple Watch is the better option for a user who is living on busy life working daily basis and uses less phone on their daily routine , Then Apple watch can help kind of user who are facing challenges on accessing the phones once their are working special those who receive calls and messages

In other view anyone can use Apple Watch since it easy to use and provide best features that many users are using them daily including work outs and other features like maps and recieving calls .

My suggestion to Apple Watch Myself i am using apple watch series 3 which it almost now 4 years and its working perfect it helps me a lot once i am busy doing something else i can still get my calls and receive notification at the same time listening to music without even touching my Iphone a bit longer so i would suggest anyone who thinks of Smart watch should get an Apple watch if possible get the choice you would prefer since we have different choice in Size . Thank you everyone and keep reading my reviews.

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