Because I’m going to explain what a VPS is the types of VPS you can choose from the advantages of choosing a VPS and I’ll explain five ways to know if a VPS is right for you does that sound like a plan come on let’s get cracking 

Hi I’m Nurdin founder of the web hosting company that helps businesses get online get found get more customers I’ve worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes and we provide VPS services to hundreds of UK businesses. 

So what is a VPS to answer that let’s look at the extremes of web hosting the most basic form is shared hosting and here you get one physical server and you get different customers that use the same server so they’re sharing the king resourcesat the server things like CPU ram and disk space this is the energy level of hosting its low cost and effective. 

But it is restricted to because there’s a low level of customization basically it’s a one size fits all type of hosting at the other end of the scale is dedicated server hosting. 

Here one single customer gets an entire server to themselves so no sharing here that server is 100% reserved for one customer there’s a high degree of customization and this is a powerful solution. 

but it comes at a cost dedicated servers are not cheap another drawback is that they can only run one operating system whether that’s align experience or windows but in recent years hybrid. 

approach has appeared which balances the advantage of shared hosting with dedicated hosting and offers several distinct advantages we’re talking of course about virtual private servers or VPS the way they work is that a physical server is separated into several virtual machines or VPS as their commonly known each VPS operates completely independently of each other so they can run their own operating system and center applications. 

this is allowed the power of dedicated hosting to become much more cost effective for web professionals and businesses this way they can start small and gradually build up as they need
more resource is BPS typically come in two main configurations single server VPS or cloud VPS with a single server VPS as its name suggests a number of VPS can be hosted on one physical server whereas with a cloud VPS that hosted across several physical servers. 

which make up a local cloud let’s look at them in turn the single server VPS is a lower cost option because you only need one physical server to host multiple VPS.Where the main drawbacks is that this isn’t such a scalable solution because you are limited to the actual physical constraints of one server such as CPU ram or disk space. 

also while she can build redundancy in to improve uptime things like having disks in a raid configuration this type of setup does not allow the high availability basically you’re putting all your eggs in one basket here another option is a cloud VPS configuration and this is the type of VPS that we offer pick a web this way many dedicated servers are pooled together to form hardware cloud 

VPS can be stored across several physical servers so this way there’s no single point of failure the beauty of this approach is that even in the unlikely event that there is a complete hardware failure on one of the servers the VPS will continue working because the data is stored on other servers and the failed server can be repaired and entered back into the hardware cloud. 

overall VPS have got a number of distinct advantages over dedicated servers instant deployment with a VPS there’s no waiting your VPS can be deployed in minutes not hours low cost of entry a VPS cost a few quid a month not hundreds of pounds a month like a dedicated server can cost effective you pay for what you use so there’s no wasted overhead flexibility upgrade or downgrade to your exact requirement instantly fast migrations are possible especially in a cloud VPS formation account availability can be achieved but a reasonable cost of course dedicated servers are a good option. 

if physical security is important that’s not to say the VPS aren’t secure they are it’s just that in some cases some businesses require absolute certainty that their website or their applications are not shared on a server with any other customers so if you’re not sure whether or not a VPS is the right option for you here are five ways to tell 

1. you need a more exotic operating system that is available in shared hosting.
2. you need the ability to customize your hosting setup to include non standard software all configurations.
3. if your business has peaks and troughs and you need the ability to respond quickly and add power to match demand and before if you’re looking for more control over the security of your hosting environment
4. if you need extra power for your website or applications but you’re on a lower budget
5. if you want superior hosting but you’re just on a lower budget so there you go these are the main things that you need to understand about VPS . 


VPS hosting what is it if you have same question running in your mind this is for you VPS stands for virtual private server you have to understand VPS. 

but it does give you an example that you will love imagine you have a few guests coming over and you have an ice cream tub to offer them three ways you can serve them you can’t solve a few scoops of ice cream to all of them in a single bowl or you can give each one of them an individual to both ice cream and the third scenarios where you can dig a few scoops of ice cream from the tub that you have answered in separate bowls each. 

let’s relate these scenarios with website hosting the ice cream truck is the server and I scraped as your website the first scenario can be referred to as shared hosting various site shares the server resources with other websites stick in scenario can be referred to as dedicated hosting where you can utilize the whole server for a website without sharing it with any other user and the third scenario refers to the TPS very physical server is divided into multiple servers where each one of them can be used to host website separately 

a VPS is as good as having your own server because it has a dedicated resources such as RAM and the storage you get full root access of your server you can choose the operating system as per your choice you can scale the resources of your server you get the ability to customize your server as needed all this helps in delivering the top notch performance of your website or application in a nutshell VPS hosting is ideal for those looking for their own service space and resources at economical cost