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Do you have a blog ?




A blog is a free google platform which is in full Web log or Weblog, online journal where an individual, group, or corporation presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs.


Some blogs operate mainly as news filters, collecting various online sources and adding short comments and Internet links.


Who can own a blog?


Anyone can own a blog since it’s a free platform offered by google once you have a Gmail account with google you are ready within their all-free platform all you need is to create a blog.


Types of blogs

  1. Personal blog
  2. Business blog
  3. Niche blog
  4. Affiliate blog




These are blogs which concern much with personal life experience same as sharing your own life experience and sharing them with other people. It can be hobbies or thing you like to do daily on Your routine. It’s so easy to start it since all you need is your hobbies or daily life routines and start sharing them online on your blog posts.




It’s a business-oriented blog which its sharing whatever professional business dealing with to make their customer share the views on related post of their business.




These are blogs with a set of specific topic covering it Example Food Blog, Gym blog , Music Blog and health Blog . All of these are niche blog which cover with a specific topic on their blog post.




These are blogs which generate commission through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you can paid a small percentage of the sale you made. Example you have a affiliate blog of food products.




After knowing the types of blogs, now you can choose which is the best one should fit your needs. Start any blog with your own creative ideas I will share some of the ideas which exist ready on blogs.


  1. Food products Blog, this is one of the blog ideas to start with since it concerns with food products which you can access them on your daily life since most of the food products we use them on our daily life, you can start reviewing any food products Example: Tomatoes products you can start sharing which tomato product is best to use.

  2. Earphones blogs, start an earphone blog since there different earphone on the market you can start reviewing which ones are having best sound on ears, Try comparing them since there are serval earphones available start sharing their features including which ones are having new technology Example Noise cancellation feature is available on few earphones.
  3. Movie blog, start movie blog reviewing best movies people should watch and share their best artist who are best on performances on movies, review movie directors with their best movies, this is the best blog to start since you can watch movie and start reviewing it since you did watch it and get all the information you need to share with your viewers.
  4. Health blog, start a health blog start sharing which tips can help people who are suffering from different diseases Example: Diabetes try to show them what meals they should avoid and what meals they should take daily to reduce their body reactions on sugar. This will help many people.
  5. Gym blog, start a gym blog which you can start anytime by sharing tips of doing exercises at home if someone would like to have home gym tips, since many people failed to go to gym try to find ways on how to lose weight and which exercises are supposed to be done to lose weight.


Conclusion, after knowing a short summary about blogs and Examples given for ideas to start, one tip which you should be aware of is never start a blog which is going to be hard for you getting information’s to share on your blog, it should be something easy for you to provide information daily, weekly, or monthly. Since you should be doing something which doesn’t bore your moods, blogging it easy when you have the right ideas or niche which you can share unlimited post to your viewers. Hopefully the above can help you on getting a best niche or ideas to start your blog today.


Content Writer :Nurdin Samji
Email. [email protected]