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Prepared By Nurdin Samji

Online Business summary

Let us first understand what online business is, Online business is a business which is conducted through worldwide use of internet, this can be any form of selling goods or service through the connection of internet.  Having internet connection is all you need to start your business. Since there is no much investment is required.

Internet connections can connect different devices through the network worldwide, Example -Smart Phones, I Pad’s, Tablets and Computers. Allowing users to have they devices been connected this means they can access all blogs, website’s, social networks etc.

Online businesses, there are different type of business can be established through online platforms, these Includes the services and selling of goods.

Having a proper way of managing your business online in terms of what you should sell or what service you should offer online to acquire online users their attention on your product or services offered by you through different platforms example: Blogs, Websites and Social Network.

What to do before starting online business.

First you should have a right idea of what are you going to sell or service offered through out what platforms, this can be more tough since most of people like to choose what most of the existing products or services offered by other people online.


This is not what you should be doing since there are so many reasons why you should not copy any one’s business online it cannot bring any changes throughout your journey.


 I am not saying that there are no rooms for success, but it not recommended most of the contents are ready publish copying them does not imply you will get viewer’s also most of the users will ignore your site since they will be afraid of scammer.


Start your own content ideas.

Examples of unique ideas selling your old stuffs which you’re not using them any more this would help you get more cash. Most of the old stuffs some have values to other people who are willing to have them for their own benefits.


Another Example selling your old Smart phones or computers at a cheaper price probably you are going to make sales since the demand of cheaper prices product online is very high.


Avoid copying written contents, there are so many written contents that attracts most people in such a way they decide to copy them and paste them on their websites and blogs.


This is very risk situation when starting your online business, it may lead to less visitors on your website or blog since most of the visitors will notice that your copying contents from other source.

Meanwhile your online business will be having less SEO optimization on search engines since there are different robots which does look up of plagiarism contents.
Example Copying teaching materials from other websites, this can cause your website or blog to not rank on top charts of search engine due to plagiarism

  First step to start online business


There is no right time to start online business, anytime your ready you can start online business without taking many efforts since first time is always tough to get things done, I will share few steps which can provide much about what you should start doing for online business.

Put a target for your business, try to understand what your target in online business kind of what is do you want to get at what time. this can help you know where you are going on growing your online business.
Choose the best product or services for your online business, make sure you choose what you would prefer to do it as a daily work. Since it should not be a boring job for your online business. You need to choose what will make you comfortable doing it.

For Example, teaching people how to loss weight it should be something you have ambitions with it daily.


Selling Loss weight products online its easy if you are expert on understanding how to let your visitors know how they can make their goals been achieved with those products you’re selling.


Selling products, if your starting online business by selling products like electronics, Utensils, lotions and medicines.


You have to a find a platform which will help you publish your products online or start your own E-Commerce Webiste which will be having an integration of Gateway payments Example Stripe and PayPal for your customers to swipe their card in at Cart page.


Where can i publishes my product if i can’t afford owning a E Commerce website, there are serval places you can do so but they ones i am going to share are the large platforms which there are having huge number of viewer who can buy your product easily. Ali express, Amazon and E-bay these all are the best in supporting online sales for any product you have just registered yourself within the platform and start a set of products with their quantity and price.


Is easily to sell products online, yes, its easily to sell products online since most users are having much of their time online. This is the major line of business whereby your products will be seen all over the Internet across different country, just be ready to ship the products into different countries. Most of the clients who will purchase your product they need to trust your services make sure there are no down time of Gate way payment and Products are shipped on time to avoid bad reputation of your Online Business store.


Does Online Business pays?

Yes, it does pay much higher just compared to most businesses. Having a way forward of making a better life, Online Business is easily managed, and you can have major scale of customers across the world. In which can make you products or services well know to different places around the world.
Customer wiser, most of your customer will have different reviews of your product which can guide you whether your product or service offered has positive reviews or negative review to the world. This would save you much time of knowing what changes should be made on your product or services offered without losing customers.


Methods of payments, most of online businesses are having different platforms of receiving cash through customers, The major ones trusted by most websites and platform are as follows, Pay Pal, Stripe, and Credit Mastercard payment. These are most reliable source of E-commerce Payment Gate way.


There many payments Gateway you can integrate with your website if it has value to your customers. Try not to use most untrusted these may cause your customers to lose trust with your website and products or services offered. Try to avoid any unusual activities which may lead to suspicious since most of your client need more of you trust in whatever you’re selling to them.


Conclusion, Hopefully the above summary has explained all the major thing to consider before starting an online business With Range of Examples on how you can manage the payment gateways and how customer can easily access your product or service online.

If you have any comments or adding questions, please check me through.

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