100% Increase blog traffic

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic, you have to know your baseline or starting point.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting more readers to a blog is a consistent challenge for many bloggers.

However, it doesn’t have to be harder and just as time-consuming as writing the content itself.

As long as you focus on the reader you’ll get more traffic in no time at all.

Make sure your website is fast and easy to use, and write top-notch content that’s your readers will be interested in and keen to share.

That’s how you increase traffic to your blog.

The only way to do that is with data.

If you don’t already have Google Analytics or Google’s Search Console set up, that is the first thing you should too.

You should also get connected to Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

These tools will give you insights as to how much traffic you’re getting and where it’s coming from.

You’ll also see how long people spend reading your blog posts.

Increase blog traffic

Know Your Audience

Another way to get more traffic to your blog is to research topics your audience is interested in.

You can do that by researching questions posted on Reddit and Quora to get ideas.

For example, if your blogging about personal development, you might find that a common theme is that people are looking for ways to be more productive.

  • You can then write out content ideas based on productivity.
  • You can also take that a step further and get content and keyword ideas from this keyword research tool.
  • You can also look at Buzzsumo to see the headlines of the most viral articles to see what people are sharing.
  • This will help you get content ideas that your readers are interested in and make them SEO friendly and shareable.

Write Guest Posts

Did you come across sites in your research that welcome guest posts?

Maybe you saw a site that shared the same target audience as yours, or there was a thought leader’s site in your industry that welcomed posts.

This is an excellent opportunity to expose your work to more people and get valuable backlinks to your site. 

If you get an opportunity to write for the right website, you can even get paid to blog.

Just be sure that the sites are more popular than yours. Otherwise, you won’t get the traffic or backlink benefits.

Expand Your Audience

One way to increase blog traffic is to expand your audience. You can do that by making your blog friendly to international audiences.

Let’s say you have a blog post on how to increase blog traffic in English. You’ve been learning enough Italian to be able to translate that to “scrivere un blog di successo.”

You’ve just opened the door to a brand new audience and an opportunity to get more blog traffic.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having t translate your entire site.

The great thing about WordPress is that there’s a plugin for everything, translation included.

Create a Great User Experience

As a blogger, you have to create an excellent user experience. That means having a site that’s easy to load, easy to use and readable across many devices.

This point is often overlooked by bloggers, but what they don’t realize is their site could be costing them traffic.

People want and expect fast websites. Up to 40% of people will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

To make matters worse, if you’re blogging for an e-commerce site, 79% of shoppers will never return if they think your website is slow.

The first thing you should do is check your site’s speed. There are a couple of tools to use to do that, from Google’s Page Speed Insights and Pingdom.

Both tools will tell you if your site is slow and what you can do to fix it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as compressing images. Other times, you might have to adjust the code.

Use Images in Your Posts

Would you like to know how to increase blog traffic with visuals?

The use of images is part of the user experience, too. When you use images, you increase the chances of the article being shared.

The images used have to be relevant to the content and add to the article, not take away from it. Infographics are a great tool to use if your content has a lot of data.

People like to read statistics, but they tend to process them visually. That’s why infographics are so powerful. Readers can quickly look at the graphic, process it, decide it’s interesting, and share it.

That, in turn, will generate more traffic to your blog.

Use Content Aggregators & Syndication

One simple way to increase traffic to your blog is to list it with content aggregators.

These are tools that other people looking for great content to share use to curate articles to post. Sites like Alltop, Feedly, and RightRelevance are popular content aggregators.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Social Media Examiner found that 81% of marketers who used social media for just 6 hours a week found that website traffic increased.

That’s just about an hour a day to increase traffic to your blog.

The one thing to note here is that you don’t have to be on every social network. You just need to be on the networks that your target audience uses.

If you have an email list, you also want to stay connected with them throughout the buyer’s journey. Most of the people who visit your website won’t be ready to buy.

You can stay top of mind by blogging and emailing your list. This gives them a reason to visit your website again and again.

With email marketing, you’re increasing traffic, and you’re nurturing prospects, which increases the likelihood they will buy.

100% free Reseller hosting account with Resellers panel

If you are looking for a long-term business online, then here you are with Web Hosting Company which will allows you to spend less time on generating profits with Web Hosting since everything is automated and you will only need to register yourself and make some changes on the Your company profile so that everything to look as you want it and your commissions with Resellers panel

Free Reseller Hosting

What is Web hosting company?

A web Hosting company is the company that operates in hosting websites for other users and provide storage space for all users for their web profiles. 

They are servals web hosting company you’re the one to choose once you want to host your website, examples of web hosting company are: Go daddy, Host Gator and blue host etc.

how to start a web hosting for free life time and get paid in commissions. 

here is the trick I am going to share with you how can you get your own web hosting company within few steps to take, 

Start online website hosting company with Free Resellers panel Account. 

Before of that let us know why is web hosting important in everyday life.


This is one of the main points many company’s want their portfolio’s to be online in which you will have to host their website.  (this is major reason why you should start a web hosting company).

E-Commerce platforms 

There are a lot of people who want to start their business on online with selling their products online in which they must start an E-Commerce business. (This is one of the reasons since all E-commerce business needs to be hosted).

Domain names 

These are name which are been sold online in order one can afford to use it as URL of their websites including name of the website has to have a domain name. (this is also one of the reason users need Domain name and your company will provide them).  

There are many reasons why you should own a hosting company this the whole world is moving to Digital platforms including governments payouts and news, all of this will require a website and hosting. 

So how can you get a free Web Hosting company now we have to know few things in order to start on how to get things done with free web hosting platform. 

Do you need a domain name? 

Yes, if you want to be unique but you can still use the any name with free domains from free hosting platform example. Your company name.duoservers.com this is how you name will appear if you do not want to use a new domain name. 

Can you change the prices?

Yes, you can change them in term of retail price you cannot change the whole price since it the price which is to determine you profit out of that Example: Hosting price 10$ whole sale price and you have to sell it at 15 or above so that the added price is your profit margin.  

Can you install the Web hosting on your current website?

Yes, it very simple to integrate the web hosting platform to your site all you need is the website with your domain name and they Reseller company will do the rest from their end. 

Customer service support?

your will no longer serve any customer since your job is to collect commission only you will be adverting your website to get clients and the rest of the job is on reseller company, they will handle your customer with your brand name as per your domain name. 

Are they any charges? 

No there are no charges at all the profit you made won’t be charged at all, and all of your commission will be sent to you without charging any thing unless you would like to pay for a certain service on your hosting company. 

Methods of payments?

They provide two major payments of your commissions one which is you get cash on their cPanel in which those cash out can be used only to purchase their services like buying a whole sale hosting service, and another payment method is PayPal which you will provide your PayPal account and link it to their platform and get paid.  

Your Tasks as the owner of web Hosting on Free Resellers panel Account 

  1. Adverting your web hosting platform.
  2. Get customer queries sorted if they’re in your query. 
  3. All cPanel are automated you do not have to do anything. (after customer has purchase)
  4. creation of coupons (your job is creating coupons to share with friends and customers)
  5. Maintaining Free Reseller policy and Term & Conditions. 

 Break down in details your duties once you have subscribed Free Reseller hosting 

Advertising your web hosting platform

this means you have to make sure you do share your website in order to get customers to increasing your commissions Examples: sharing with friends on Facebook. 

Get customer queries sorted if they’re in your query

Once you have a customer who is known to you and found out there is a problem with his / her cPanel and hosting service you can help them by sending queries to your Free Reseller account for fast assistances. This may happen once if you have a customer closer to you. but most of the time Free Reseller company will handle them.

All cPanel are automated you do not have to do anything. (after customer has purchase)

Here is the magic happen all customer who have paid for their service system will automatically deduct your commission and pay the whole sale price to reseller account and provide the customer with cPanel on spot without any delays. 

Free Reseller hosting

creation of coupons (your job is creating coupons to share with friends and customers)

if you would like to offer some of the customer coupons in order to get more customer with discounted price yes, it’s possible you can do that but remember that whatever is being discounted is from your commission and not from the whole sale price, so mind yourself when starting sharing coupons to your customer that you also reducing your profit margin.

Maintaining Free Resellers panel policy and Term & Conditions

before of anything please you must read their policy and terms and conditions since there are lot of things which might be violation of your hosting since you have to know everything in order to avoid shutdown of your account. The one policy I know that is your customers are their customers forever you will not move them once you want to shift to another hosting company and adding on that your domain name cannot be shifted to another hosting company.

Products which can be found on Free Resellers panel Account Web hosting.

There are serval products which you can sell them on your free Reseller account on of which all of them are accessed since there is not limitation to any products on their platform since when you sell just add up your commission on it and your good to go with the product. 

Example of Products you can sell on your Free Resellers panel Account. 

  • Domain Names
  • Cloud Server 
  • Dedicated Server 
  • VPS servers 
  • Shared Hosting plans 
  • Dedicated Server cloud 

Domain Name 

you will have access to all domain names with TLD and others which can be automated already running on your free Reseller account what you have to do is only add your commission amount to each domains TLD like.com, net, org and. Uk Etc.

Cloud Server 

You will have access to these products of servers to your customers and be able to sell them out at a higher price by adding your commission as well. 

Shared Hosting 

These shared hosting plans will be automated appearing with packages in which you can amend the services offered by Free Resellers panel so that you can sell them at higher price adding your commissions as well. 

Why starting A Web hosting Company?

This is a technology for generations since everyday millions of users are looking for an opportunity to share with the world, as in building websites and another portfolio’s online 

I think this is the business strategic for someone who want to make profit margin for a long time with no much use of technology since the platform provided by Reseller is automated,

You only have to market your web Hosting and start collecting your commissions right away without any exchange of cash to purchase a space of hosting company. 

Less time and grow fast, This Web Hosting business needs less time of your constructing since everything is done by the reseller Team you need to manage customers in order to get more commission,

The job here is to market reseller by using you own means of creative of your own skills sharing your free Resellers panel-account (Web Hosting) to friends and other people who are looking for a web hosting company, this will make you get more commissions. 

Increasing your skills, during the time of starting web hosting is one way of learning how to manage a Web Host company, since Reseller account provide full access of your customers expect payment only ,

This will increase your knowledge on how to own a company and more in how can a Web hosting operate which is free without paying any bucks. 


Who can do this Web Hosting?

This business can be done by anyone who has basically computer knowledge does not need someone who is already an expert since the whole platform is automated already meaning the only part is amending figures like adding up your commissions on WHM(Admin cPanel) and

branding your web Hosting company there is nothing much than being a good Marketer of your web Hosting company also since it’s a free one you have time to learn while practicing on who to solve some stuff and you can still come here and comment for help.  

Will you be successfully with this Web Hosting Business?

Yes, I ensure you that this will bring much changes to your struggling life searching for an Online business since this platform has helped already a lot of people by providing them with commissions,

there are so many companies that I know have started doing Reseller until today they own their own company One Example of the company, I know is Host Gator started Reseller for a long time and now they have their own company. 


I have shared this business to help all individuals who are worried and they cannot get answers to what business should they start that does bother them much since the technology is moving fast, I have decided to start giving people ways of making their dreams come true by sharing businesses which exist in real life and they can make profit out of them. 

in fact, the type of business I have shared is all about finding customers and get your commission which does need you to worry about losses or time frame since you can still stay one year without getting customers and still you have nothing to loss,

But I hope this won’t happen to you and probably you are going to get a lot of customer and be success in your life. In appreciation of all the ones who are reading this please ask any question or suggestion you would like me to give out so that most of the ones who are here can benefit let us share any business which we get and make other do it as they daily life dreams job.Thank you all, please support my work by subscribing this website.

10 Apple Watch Features

10 Reasons Why Using Apple Watch

Apple watch is the best selling smart watch since it has many feature that other smart watch are lacking including GPS and cellular mode these two features are most reliable to people who are interesting in smart watch since it help to reduce phone usage 

  • 42 , 44mm &  40 mm Size 
  • Always on Display 
  • GPS+ Cellular 
  • GPS only (sport wear
  • Blood Oxygen (Apple watch 6 )
  • High and low heart rate 
  • Siri 

Let us start one by one features of Apple Watch 

There are serval size of Apple watch including generation 1 to 6 generation , All old generation are having 38mm & 42mm Size these including Apple watch series 1 ,2 & 3 all of these series are having those size mm , then we have the new generation series of Apple watch series 6 these come with many features  including  Blood pressure and Oxygen  

Apple watch Series 1 , 2 ,3 & 4 features 

  • 38mm , 42mm and 44mm Size
  • Always On Display 
  • GPS + Cellular (some are GPS Only )
  • Sir 
  • Sport Tracking 
  • Tracking sleeping Time 
  • Heart rate  Measures 
  • Music 
  • Water resistant 10meters
  • Unlock your Mac book 
  • E.T.C 

Apple watch series 6 & 5 

  • 42mm ,40mm & 44mm Size
  • Sport fitness tracking
  • Water resistants 50 meters
  • Tracking sleeping time 
  • Heart Rate  measure 
  • Detect hard fall down emergency 
  • Wash up (corona additional features
  • Blood pressure
  • Apple pay   
  • Siri
  • Improve sense of direction
  • Family setup
  • Music playlist 
  • Unlock your mac book 

Why do you need apple watch ?

1. Hand free with Siri 

This is more best way since you can do a lot with Siri by asking Siri to set a timer and also you can even say hey Siri “send a message “ you can even ask Siri what is the weather today and Siri would reply back to you on spot without even need to unlock your Iphone or check you Iphone Also Siri can set a reminder whenever you need to set a reminder on your Iphone all you have to do is say hey Siri “set a reminder tomorrow “ and Siri will set that using your Apple watch . 

2. Map direction 

This help more since you have set a map direction on you Iphone Apple watch will appear on display which directions should you take left or right while you Iphone is on stand by mode this help a lot if your are using maps direction . You can also access your favorite place you have saved them on map and just click for directions. Another big use of Siri you can just ask Siri directions to a certain place and Siri will open Map to start the direction . 

3. Notifications

Apple Watch receives notification like Emails , calls and message its very easy to read message and see other notification on you hand without even unlock your Iphone this make your notification get to you on time . 

4. Calls on Apple Watch 

You can receive calls on you apple watch without having you Iphone closer to you ,since it paired with your Apple watch all you need is AirPods or you can still use the apple watch speaker and answer calls this makes apple watch useful if your busy doing  you cannot handle you Iphone all you have to do is pick up calls from you Apple Watch .

5. Calendar   

Apple watch can be use to access your Calendar and see the event you are planing to attend or even add events on your Calendar so that you do not miss out that day , This makes life easy since you can do that on spot just by say hey Siri set a an event on November . 

6. Listen Music and Podcast 

If you have AirPods or bluetooth ear phone you can listen to music or podcast on your Apple watch without your Iphone this help you get all playlist you like right way on your Apple watch 

7. Activity ,Workout and Heart Rate 

With your Apple keeps all daily activity in walking activity and stand activity it also keep tracking your heart rate  this help you to know how many measurement you gain per day and weekly. 

8. Apple Pay 

You can use apple pay on your apple watch this will be easy to pay anything you have to put you credit cards and just pay anything you need to purchase this is the best feature on smart watch world . 


Using Apple Watch is the better option for a user who is living on busy life working daily basis and uses less phone on their daily routine , Then Apple watch can help kind of user who are facing challenges on accessing the phones once their are working special those who receive calls and messages

In other view anyone can use Apple Watch since it easy to use and provide best features that many users are using them daily including work outs and other features like maps and recieving calls .

My suggestion to Apple Watch Myself i am using apple watch series 3 which it almost now 4 years and its working perfect it helps me a lot once i am busy doing something else i can still get my calls and receive notification at the same time listening to music without even touching my Iphone a bit longer so i would suggest anyone who thinks of Smart watch should get an Apple watch if possible get the choice you would prefer since we have different choice in Size . Thank you everyone and keep reading my reviews.

100% free word press for life time

This has been the best platform for all bloggers and other web users and thanks to word press ecosystem for the best themes and template for website this has been helping a lot of bloggers who need a simple and clean website by using themes and free web Template

1. What is Word Press?

It’s a free open-source content management written in PHP and paired by MySQL or Maria DB (definition from Wikipedia). 

2. In normal understanding 

It’s a web platform which enables users use plugin architecture for web design while designing web page on the website hosted.


  • Word press has been developed in 27thMay 2003 by developers Matt Mullenweg, template monster and Mike little. When Matt Mullenweg and mike little created fork of b2/ cafelog. They need elegant, well architected personal publishing system was clear even then. Since word press was built in PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPLV2. It is also the platform of choice for over 39% of the sites across the web. 
  • Progressive ways over time supported by skilled, enthusiastic developers, designer, scientist, bloggers and more word press provide the opportunity for any user to create and share forms handcrafted personal anecdotes to world changing the movements. users with a limited tech experience can use it out of the box and more tech are easy and simple to use on word press platform in which enables a lot of users to create their dreams on a website for free with all plugins and other themes of websites or templates.   
  • After knowing what is word press, let us start understanding the use of word press as a web designer. A website can design in any other option ways where by a web designer can use any kind of creating web pages using Dreamweaver or xamp for creating website but there are more than 10 ways you can design your website since the technology has changed now, they’re a lot of free web platforms which provides you with the all-basic features for your website, in which there all in one place it drags and drop any one with no experience can do it. 

3. What is the Different between www.wordpress.org and www.wordpress.com ?

  • www.Wordpres.org – this is the self-hosted WordPress, is the free open-source word press software that you can install on your own web host in order to create a website that 100% your own. 
  • www.wordpress.com – this is for the profit, paid service that is powered by the WordPress org software. A simple one to use but you will need to pay for some services and you won’t have the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress

4. What can Word press do?

  • It can make you have any kind of website with all plugins that you need in order to get all the stuffs done, since there is no any end point payment you should pay in using word press but in mean time there are some plugins which helps web users to do Ecommerce business are most paid on plugins since they are for business purposes, but you can still use others which are not for sale on word press and get a better website with all plugins you need. 
  • Word press has been the best platform for all bloggers and other web users and thanks to word press ecosystem for the best themes and template for website this has been helping a lot of bloggers who need a simple and clean website by using themes and free web Template

Many users have been using word press for different business (you can start now creating on our web hosting site www.sprintwebsolutions.com its free trial for 30 days with us.

  • Blogs 
  • Business websites 
  • Portfolio’s
  • Resumes 
  • Social networks 
  • Membership sites 
  • Flirt sites 
  • Movies sites 
  • And other much more that you can create on website platform. 
100% free wordpress for life time

5. Is word press the best? 

Yes, word press has been around for many years since 27 / MAY /2003 and it has been the best platform designed ever for all web designers. This is due to the flexibility and reliable on access thousands of plugins and templates which makes easy for most of the designers to use them and create the best website ever using update plugins available on word press it has made a lot of users enjoy much in design their websites for free 

6. Is Word press Extensible?

Yes, word press is extensible if you aren’t a developer but still you can create and made changes on you site without any knowledge from a developer Thank to Eco system of word press which makes everything easy for us. 

There are two primary thing you should know. 

  • Themes – these are primary changes you can apply on how your website looks. 
  • Plugins – these are primary changes and functions on website like contact forms or create an Ecommerce store. You need to get some plugins in order to accomplish the website. 

7. Why using word press

Since , there are servals websites in the world using word press for their content in designing it makes simple to create any kind of website with free plugins its almost easy than other web platform and word press offer a lot of free plugin which you can use them for free and get a better look of you website during creating web pages and slides , I recommended each of us should start using word press and observe the free themes and other plugins available and compare them with any other web platform.

Example of company that uses WordPress

Here we are on my website I am using WordPress for free and I have hosted my website on www.sprintwebsolutions.com  imagine this is also word press websitewww.pleasebehere.com so why you cannot use word press while it has a lot of best features and reliable source of plugins.

Other famous company using word press 


White house.gov

  • A mind open here even governments website are most of them using word press platform in which it helps them get all the updated technology of plugins and other SEO which will make theirs need be satisfied Example of word press government website https://www.whitehouse.gov a trusted site of United state of American is using word press platform. 


  • We have understand what is WordPress platform and we have seen Example of websites which are in word press platform since we have all we need now it the time for you to decide when are you going to start making you dream on a word press platform , with us we can offer much than you need since we help a lot of beginners on how they can manage their sites and move to the new technologies of plugins and security wise  
  • I recommend all of my followers to use word press platform since it has been the best platform I have ever known and you can ask me any challenges your facing on word press I will be available to help you , just drop an email [email protected] or you can text through my phone number is also on what app please do not scam me since we are here to learn and get more knowledge support me and my team on our web hosting start you website with us at www.sprintwebsolutions.com  

Get 100 Cydia apps now and jailbreak your apple device

Do you want to jailbreak you apple device ? please visit us for more information on what apps are on cydia. visti us now

1. What is jailbreak? 

Jailbreaking is one of the most thing many Apple users like to do it since it has opened more source of app on you iPhone. In other words, its privilege escalation on an Apple device to remove software restrictions imposed by Apple. 

Watch now

2. What Apple Device can be Jailbreak?

It’s so true that most Apple users like to jailbreak their iPhones and mac books in which these are the most ones which people use them daily excluding Apple Tv in jailbreak since it not that much included in most of pirate’s apps. 

3. What is iPhone Jailbreaking? 

iPhone jailbreaking means you are unlocking other authorized app from other developers and use them on you iPhone these including damage you Apple warrant and use other apps from unknown source developer which may lead to damage your device. 

4. What is Mac book jailbreaking? 

Most of the apple users like to have other option ways of getting apps for free in other website of other developers and in this case, users are using pirate apps which other developers have cracked them it’s much risker since it’s against apple term and conditions. Sometimes it makes mac books getting debugs and error messages. 

What apps do I get after jailbreaking my iPhone or Mac book?

In most of iPhone users there are so many apps available on platform app called ‘cydia ‘this platform is own by one of the developers who has been sharing a lot of pirate apps to Apple iPhone users to use them since there are more tweaks and games free to download and make changes on you iPhone sometimes it can even destroy the current IOS on iPhone so you better be aware of this just in case you decide to go for jailbreak. 

All about cydia and jailbreaking watch now

What is Cydia?

According to Wikipedia 

is a graphical user interface of APT for iOS. It enables a user to find and install software not authorized by Apple on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. It also refers to digital distribution platform for software on iOS accessed through Cydia software. Many of the software packages available through Cydia are free of charge, although some require purchasing. 

 ‘’Cydia is developed by Jay Freeman (also called “saurik”) and his company, SaurikIT. The name “Cydia” is a reference to the moth genus Cydia, notably the codling moth (with a scientific name of Cydia pomonella), which is the proverbial “worm in the apple.”

Cydia is acts as apple store once you have jailbreak you apple device and you will be provided with a lot of apps from cydia’s developers but you can still use Appstore even though you are using cydia apps. 

Why you should jailbreak your Apple Device 
  • First thing to know before taking any further on this you should know that your apple device will no longer be coverage on apple warrant since jailbreak is high prohibited by Apple Inc. 
  • Once you jailbreak you Apple device you free to install any other apps from unknown developers 
  • Once you have jailbreak you will have access to many developers on cydia app 
  • You can get all the new features of iPhones like tweak for battery, cleaning iPhone and accessing iFile manager which enables you to go through all ­directory’s files on your device. 
  • Your device will have to stuck on OS which jailbreak has happen means if your apple device was jailbroken on IOS 14 then that will be only IOS 14 for you no more updating. 
Why you should not jailbreak you Apple Device 
  • This will help you keep you warrant coverage and apple support will be available at any time once your device has occurred issues or faults. 
  • Your device will be secured from all pirate’s apps 
  • Your device will be working perfect with no debugs from unknown apps 
  • Your device will be running latest Apple Os without any issues. 
  • Your device will still be supported for apple security patches for every new IOS. 


If you think jailbreak is the best option for your device and you do not care about apple warrant and pirates’ apps from unknown source developers then you can jailbreak your device at your own risk if there is any fault or loss of your data apple will not be concern since it was your decision to install unknown source apps from own developers.

 But to my concern if I have my apple device that cost me much than 100$ I cannot take that risk since my privacy is much concern and I would prefer to keep my apple device as much as I could and avoid damaging my Apple warrant policy. Watch now

Final cut for free and other Mac apps working 100%

Get free Final final cut pro and Mac OS apps now for free working perfectly 100% please visit us and get the link to downloads free Mac OS apps for free No scams .

Please Read the below before visiting this website (mactorrents)
  • Hello guys, I hope so many people are looking forward to get free apps without any payment since some of us cannot afford to pay for some apps on app store there is a solution for that since we can have much on internet people are creating a lot of website for free apps and downloads for Mac users. (mactorrents)


Best solution for Mac Apps for free

Here is the reliable website I have been using it for a bit long and the apps are good and you can you use them no virus and scams the website is cool Thank to the owner of the website. (mactorrents)

Apps that you can find on this website are as follows-:

Final Cut pro 

This is the best app on app store since it most used by all major video editors and it very good in video editing and the quality of the out-put video are the best, You can check it out here on this website which is free download you have to use torrent download.(mactorrents)

Mac Os Games 


This website has serval games which are the best you can try them free download including actions, horror, Racing and other games you can get them through this website. (mactorrents)

Designing & Graphic Apps for Mac Os 

The best graphic most popular are also available on this site you can download them for free including latest one like, Adobe photoshop 2020, Lighting room, Illustrator, and other InDesign full adobe package with cracks, in which also there are some of them which are not popular you might check them out to see which one you would prefer most.  

Ms. office tool For Mac Os 

This website, you can also get the full package of Microsoft office and other office tools for free I took my office package from this site its working perfectly. (mactorrents)


Ad’s and advertisements.

This is one of the best things I like for this website has zero Ad’s and advertisements so it’s very easy to access the whole page and download any apps from the website. (mactorrents)

Why I recommend you to use this website, 

I thought of many people complains that Mac Os all of the users have to pay for their apps in which some of them are more expensive, that is the main reason but if you can afford paying for some app on Appstore then you should not visit this website.(mactorrents)

Is this illegal downloading? apps 

Yes, it’s illegal to download torrent apps since it pirates app which have been cracked from other developers in which depends on which country are you using torrent in my country there is no problem just, I have to make sure I am using VPN. If you cannot take this risk using torrent please do not follow any of this website. (mactorrents)


I have share this since most of my friend and followers are using app store and they found out it very expensive to purchase some of the apps like Final cut it more than 100$ so I have solved this by sharing the website which offer free of charge apps but using torrent download  (mactorrents)

Are you Using VPN ?

Using VPN’s for privacy get this VPN for life use on your daily life without any payment at all and fast speed with safety here is betternet vpn free for life time .


I have been using better net VPN for a long time with no any problem it has been a best solution of VPN to me since it free to use it on your computer there is no any challenges or payment should pay,

although sometime is cut off if you your internet network is down.

but this has happened to me few times only while if you have a strong internet connection then you will not incur any problem during your usage.  

Why choose Better net out of all VPN’S 

The reason of choosing better net VPN out of all VPN is its free and safe to use since most of the VPN available are so much expensive.

which it might cost you a lot while you need VPN access may be for a week or less than a week or for sometimes you would like to use which it not costly at all to you. 

Speed of Better net VPN 

Since it free the speed is limit to normal using like web browsing that will be okay when using better net VPN but if you would like to use it for may be torrent downloads or any other strong file download above speed will be low since they do not allow more than 1GB on a free plan. 

Who can use better net VPN? 

In this case anyone can use better net vpn since it a free plan any easy to use even layman who does not know about vpn can connect on a single click with vpn is up running. 

Can you choose any country when your using Better net vpn? 

It is not possible on free plan but you can use paid plan which consist of serval Asia and Europeans countries both of the worldwide countries are there on paid plan.

but on a free plan you can only use randomly countries since it a free plan they it updates itself time to time . 

Do I suggest people to use it ?.

Yes , I do suggest all the us who are not really into much vpn but we do use it for sometimes when necessarily you can use it for much longer as you want.

since you are satisfied with their services and you are not downloading much than 1Gb on the free plan unless you want the best country then you can purchase it . 

As a blogger do I get paid for this article of Better net?

No, since it my option way of giving other people to enjoy using free vpn and getting much than expected keep sharing with others on how can we get things done without  making any usual payments for such thing like vpn’s which we do not use them daily in our activities .   


Thank you , all for your support on my blog and I will be sharing much as I can since you are getting more option on how to get thing done easy , let us together share much if possible so that we can learn and get more knowledge ,

Regards better net company and I have share this free plan for other clients and the ones who did not know that there is a VPN which provides free plan with standard speed of browsing .   

100% find Ip address in 5 minutes on your computer

Click on start menu Search for Command Prompt or type CMD, then click on command Prompt and type ipconfig.

What is Ip address?

Is an internet protocol address which identify all devices and computers when they are connected to internet. An IP address allows computer and other devices to communicate when they are connected through internet 

There are two types of IP address 

Static Ip address

This is an IP address which does not change and it has been manually set. 

Dynamic IP Ip address

This is an IP address which is automated change whenever you’re using internet.

Easy way of accessing Your Ip address few steps:

First you need to start as follows:

  1. Click on start menu 

2.Search for Command Prompt or type CMD, then click on command Prompt.

Please see the below image. 

After that now you have already opened the command prompt type this code ipconfig then press Enter you will see the below screen

The above highlighted in red circle is your IP address Example on the image your will be different and that is your computer IP address.

For any other questions please comment I will respond them on time . 

Best way of Opening Online Store Start Drop Shipping Business in 5 minutes.

“The best way of opening the online store start Drop Shipping” which will make a lot of sale and bring you income on your daily activities you can start ‘Drop Shipping‘ with less capital since you do not need to purchase anything it’s just you pick the right product which has a lot of sales in market and start selling it on your site , its simple to manage you sales and easy to pick products on different places examples AMAZON , ALIEXPRESS and other places like EBAY All of these website you can visit them and check what products are making a lot of sales so that you can pick them and add them on your E-commerce store  its very simple worry out we are going to see how to can you do that . 

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