How to create a website

Creating website:

it very easy you can start by thinking of what Domain names you going to use online so that people can search the name in URL browser example choose the best domain name which will be your identity online  Then you can now think of purchasing that name as a domain name . 

There are servals places which you can buy Domain Names, Example

There are so many companies offer Domain name but I would like to suggest you go with since there are affordable in selling domain names at starting price of 8.00$ of .com, .net, xyz depends on the extension you would like to have on your domain name. 

What is A Domain name?

 Domain name is an identification that defines the administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet    others defines it has address of your website which allows people to type on browser bar to visit your website.  

after getting your domain name now , You need to get a hosting company a place where you can store all of your website’s files on the internet, this mean when never you want to access them online they are already in place. 

What is a hosting company? is a company that offer a WEB hosting or VPS hosting that allows people to store their websites at a particular period of time 

There are serval hosting companies that offer cheap hosting services of one year and monthly payments I would suggest you start with one year services which is good and cheap because you pay less for annual subscription than monthly payment which are very high compared to the annually payments .  Example of WEB HOSTING companies

My suggestion to you should go with they are good in hosting and fair price  also are so cheap in such a way you can host you website at very cheap not more than 40$ or less than that for annually single domain host . 

Example of hosting plans features you can get while starting your website. 

  • Single Domain
  • One Click WordPress Installs
  • Free WordPress/cPanel 
  • Website Transfer
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Free Domain Included

The above you can get them at  at Starting At $2.75/mo.* while annually its $33 for 12 months I guess this is cheap price compare with other hosting company 

Step to start creating a website. 

  • First start purchasing a Domain Name.
  • Choose the right choice of web hosting plan.
  • Choose you web platform either Word press or Joomla. 
  • Get the right web theme for your website.

Word press Platform. 

This platform offer much in web designs  you can get over a thousand themes style you want for you website just by choosing the right at there are serval types of themes depends on what type of website you are planning to create you can get them all for free and some of the advance one at a cheap price .  


Example of themes available on

  • Magazine / blog themes.
  • Ecommerce themes.
  • Entertainment themes.
  • Business themes.
  • Corporate themes.

Examples of themes for your websites


After getting all in place now you can start by editing the themes you have downloaded them from different places make sure you choose the right one for your business or purpose  so that you can start creating your articles on spot with the theme, also you can now publish it after all changes are made . plus, if you have the hosting plan that gives you better bandwidth that is unlimited you can get more traffics.  I hope you have get what your are looking for the above articles I have written.