100% Adding Pages and Menus

 Before getting started you should be familiar with how to add pages and post categories to your navigation menu

 Hi everyone today I’m going to show you how to add pages and how to add layout sessions and drop menus on your blog

 Go to the layout section of the dashboard as per below screenshot


  Click the edit button in pages  as per  by below screenshot


 Click the add external link button to add the new menu item as below screenshot

 In the option that pops up you can enter a page title and web address as per below screenshot 

 The   Page title is there text which will be displayed for the menu items , The web address is the URL or link which the menu items will link to when clicked

if you would like the menu item to be a drop menu you can add an_to the front of the page title text

our example above we would change the text style to_style like shown below

 This tells you template to display this menu item under the menu which comes to Before it  In the list

for example in the pages that gad gets below we have set up some menus items and some drop down items too

 this tells the template to create the following menu items

  • home
  • About
  •  catego ries
  •  Fashion
  •  Music
  •  Lifestyle

 And this would create the following menus on your blog as per below screenshot


 In conclusion

I hope you have understand and how to add Vegas and menu or your globe if any question please comment below I’ll be there to answer your questions and I would like to thank everyone who is supporting my blog and supporting my wakandan content which I have posted thank you everyone