Are you Using VPN ?

Using VPN’s for privacy get this VPN for life use on your daily life without any payment at all and fast speed with safety here is betternet vpn free for life time .


I have been using better net VPN for a long time with no any problem it has been a best solution of VPN to me since it free to use it on your computer there is no any challenges or payment should pay,

although sometime is cut off if you your internet network is down.

but this has happened to me few times only while if you have a strong internet connection then you will not incur any problem during your usage.  

Why choose Better net out of all VPN’S 

The reason of choosing better net VPN out of all VPN is its free and safe to use since most of the VPN available are so much expensive.

which it might cost you a lot while you need VPN access may be for a week or less than a week or for sometimes you would like to use which it not costly at all to you. 

Speed of Better net VPN 

Since it free the speed is limit to normal using like web browsing that will be okay when using better net VPN but if you would like to use it for may be torrent downloads or any other strong file download above speed will be low since they do not allow more than 1GB on a free plan. 

Who can use better net VPN? 

In this case anyone can use better net vpn since it a free plan any easy to use even layman who does not know about vpn can connect on a single click with vpn is up running. 

Can you choose any country when your using Better net vpn? 

It is not possible on free plan but you can use paid plan which consist of serval Asia and Europeans countries both of the worldwide countries are there on paid plan.

but on a free plan you can only use randomly countries since it a free plan they it updates itself time to time . 

Do I suggest people to use it ?.

Yes , I do suggest all the us who are not really into much vpn but we do use it for sometimes when necessarily you can use it for much longer as you want.

since you are satisfied with their services and you are not downloading much than 1Gb on the free plan unless you want the best country then you can purchase it . 

As a blogger do I get paid for this article of Better net?

No, since it my option way of giving other people to enjoy using free vpn and getting much than expected keep sharing with others on how can we get things done without  making any usual payments for such thing like vpn’s which we do not use them daily in our activities .   


Thank you , all for your support on my blog and I will be sharing much as I can since you are getting more option on how to get thing done easy , let us together share much if possible so that we can learn and get more knowledge ,

Regards better net company and I have share this free plan for other clients and the ones who did not know that there is a VPN which provides free plan with standard speed of browsing .